Introducing the DB14 pulsecounter module
Jan 8, 2024
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Paragon Robotics expanded their broad array of measurement capabilities with the addition of a pulse-counter expansion module for the N device series platform. The updated DB14 expansion module is capable of sensing pulse outputs from any type of meter or instrument using Form A or Form C pulse outputs. In addition to pulse-counting capabilities, the DB14 hardware has 4 channels of general digital inputs available for use with 0-5V signals. The new pulse-counter capability is able to sense pulses up to 50Hz (minimum edge width of 10ms) on channel 1 using hardware acceleration to minimize battery usage. It can be used in conjunction with multiple pulse-counter software packages which are able to scale, translate and adjust the output data to perfectly match manual readings or captured data using other equipment. Utilize the DB14 for monitoring gas and water usage (flow meters), digital outputs from industrial or HVAC controllers, and true power with Wattnode meters.

Pulse output is used widely within the metering industry, as it precisely measures totalized or aggregate usage. Traditionally, older meters have used a mechanical switch to provide a "pulse" output from a rotating meter dial. Most modern meters generate the pulse output digitally, however most sensors can read either type of generated pulse. Pulse output is further categorized into "Form A" output utilizing a 2 wire connection, and a "Form C" (also called "KYZ") output using 3 wires. Our DB14 module is compatible with both, however Form C outputs will only need to connect 2 of the wires to the DB14.

For additional information and specifications, please visit the DB14 Pulsecount/ Digital I/O expansion module product page .