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Life Sciences, Medical and Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions
Temperature logging with remote sensors
Reliable Monitoring Solutions
  • Monitor refrigeration systems for temperature
  • Utilize external RTDs and Thermocouples to monitor low temps
  • Optimize production performance and efficiency with power monitoring
  • Ambient temperature measurements in storage, warehouses, production areas and labs
  • Custom dashboard, charting and analysis software
  • Export data, alarms and annotations for audit records
  • Individual alarm notifications by email and/or text

Paragon Robotics temperature, humidity and light wired and wireless sensors monitor hospital, pharmacy and production storage facilities and their refrigeration systems to ensure product quality, consistency and eliminate costly waste due to spoilage.

Our system include our data logging software suite providing active real time dashboards, analysis charting, measurement data and alarm histories with custom annotations for facility audit requirements.

Paragon's scalable data logging and monitoring systems provide cost effective solutions for both small and large laboratories, research and production facilities.

Reduce spoilage and Ensure product quality

Maintain operating temperatures for your vaccines, raw materials and supplies in all cooling systems and storage areas.

Monitor and record temperature, humidity, light, particulate and carbon dioxide to insure optimal environment for product quality assurance.

Product Quality Assurance

Featured Products

Wireless RTD temperature data logger
Starting At: $208.00
Wireless RTD connection to system gateway Expansion ports for additional measurements
USB 2 channel RTD temperature data logger
Starting At: $208.00
Two RTD probe inputs, USB interface and data storage
Ethernet/wireless RTD temperature
Starting At: $248.00
Wired and wireless network connectivity for RTD probe.
Differential Pressure expansion module
Starting At: $89.00
Monitor pressure between two rooms or air spaces.
Wireless 2 channel RTD temperature data logger
Starting At: $208.00
Built in temperature and humidity with two RTD probe expansion modules
Wireless RTD temperature and Differential Pressure
Starting At: $408.00
RTD and DP expansion sensor module with built in temperature and humidity
Wireless temperature system gateway
Starting At: $219.00
Wireless gateway w/ integrated temperature and humidity sensors
External sensors and expansion modules
Starting At: $49.00
Temperature probes, occupancy, differential pressure, particulate
Wireless Sensors for Vaccine/ Medical Supplies Monitoring

Complete line of wired and wireless sensors for cold storage, processing and production area, laboratory and research applications.

After initial setup and installation, the monitoring systems easily scales with additional sensors as your requirements expand.

Cooling and refrigeration systems

Our in-situ temperature probes (thermocouples, RTD’s or thermistors) and systems are used in refrigeration applications. For refrigeration systems, Our sensor device with expansion ports and the DB33 RTD sensor moduleswith external temperature probe provide excellent accuracy within cooling temperature ranges. More cost effective wireless thermistor probes can be used but have less accuracy as cooling systems typically run at the edge of their measurement ranges.

Our wired and wireless monitoring systems eliminate costly product waste and spoilage with our remote alarm features with Email or Text notification of refrigerator failure.

monitor cooling systems
Low temperature freezers

Utilize in-situ wireless temperature monitoring systems for measuring temperatures inside extreme low temperature freezers. Use wireless RTDs devices or wireless Thermocouple devices to keep cooling systems at their optimal operating temperatures for product quality.

Incubators and Furnaces

Our Model THP-84SS-KIT Temperature and Humidity probe can monitor air inside an incubator while the base sensor device with DB18 module for VDC and mA inputs is safely located outside of the incubator box and able to communicate wirelessly at full range with the system gateway. Real time and historical sensor data from the incubator can be used to insure product quality and process efficiency.

Vaccine Storage Case Study - 21CFR Part 11

Eliminate costly waste and meet auditing requirements with wireless temperature monitoring systems.

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and vaccine R&D/ production facilities are constantly facing the issue of vaccine/ drug spoilage due to improper storage conditions or cooling system failures that go undetected.

View complete Vaccine Storage Case Study.

Greenhouse Case Study
Ambient Monitoring
Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Storage Areas, Warehouses and Offices
Production and Clean Rooms

Maintain a suitable production environment across clean rooms, multiple zones or laboratories with our wireless ambient sensors. Insure adequate room conditions for producing quality products with alarm capability and notification of extreme ambient conditions.

Monitor particulate with Dylos Particulate Counters measurements coupled with the temperature, humidity with serial input device.

Our wireless differential pressure sensor device measures the pressure difference between two air spaces or rooms. Use the device to monitor positive pressure differential in clean rooms.

Storage and Warehouse Areas

Use our wireless temperature loggers and humidity loggers to maintain the optimal environment for storing raw materials, process chemicals and packaging materials.

The wireless temperature & humidity sensor device can be placed in numerous storage locations and zones to monitor ambient conditions and ensure a optimal environment for materials storage.

Eliminate product quality issues and potentially costly waste with a controlled and monitored storage area. Monitor storage areas for packaging, paper and shipping materials to prevent supply loss due to water, temperature or light exposure module.

Popular Software
Our system setup/configuration software automatically searches and locates your hardware devices and assists you through the initial system claiming process. Users can choose to customize device names and organize their system by grouping hardware in folders (building location, process, zones, areas, ect). Remotely access sensor data and modify system settings from anywhere by creating a Halocloud account. Upgrade to the Enterprise version of our software for advanced security, administrative privileges and auditing features for multi-user systems and environments.
DataRecorder lets you view and manage all your connected sensors and controls. You can display, log, chart, calibrate and manage everything right from a single interface. Setup alarms and email/ text notifications for any sensor measurement with a Halocloud account
DataAnalyzer is used to chart data from all your connected sensors and controls. Powerful analysis tools are also built-in, allowing you to post-process data to analyze it further. Data can optionally be exported to a CSV file to import into a spreadsheet. Annotate any data point to note a system or process event for auditing purposes.
SmartThermostat allows you to setup and view your thermostat hardware. It presents your thermostat info in an interactive dashboard interface. You can also use the software to control it through a remotely accessable interface.
Use our SystemModeler software to create a geospatial 2D view of your location that integrates with sensors and equipment. Create logical geographical layers for placement and management of your hardware devices.
Use our SystemSchematic software to create one-line diagrams of your electrical systems and processes. Fully integrate schematic equipment with floorplans built in our SystemModeler software.
Use our LaunchPad dashboard software to create custom dashboards of any sensor and control system. Integrate building floorplans and SystemModeler drawings with interactive sensor displays.
Manage and analyze hundreds of meters through a single system. Full measurement and verification (M&V) capabilities are provided, allowing large-scale baseline development with M&V options B or C. Baseline adjustments for temperature and other user variables are supported, and long-term databasing and reporting is integrated with the entire Paragon Robotics software platform.
Sensor Logging and Dashboard Displays

Our configuration software and DataRecorder software are included at no charge with our data logging and monitoring systems.

Our software provides both local or cloud based remote access to your system data and sensors on PCs and all mobile devices – tablets, smart phones and laptops.

Chart, log and monitor all individual sensor data or perform a quick check of real time sensor measurements with our multi-view display. Remote access to system data, sensor measurements and configuration from anywhere with our cloud service.

Chart and export sensor data fast
Individual system sensor alarms with immediate notifications
Set text alerts up on your HVAC system for sensor alarms. Available through HaloCloud.
Set emails to be triggered on notification of a building sensor alarm condition. Available through HaloCloud.
Browser alerts
Receive software alarm alerts locally on your computer right in your browser.
Chart and export sensor data fast
Export Data, Alarms and Annotations for Audits

Use our DataRecorder and DataAnalysis software to chart and export data for record keeping requirements.

Our software will record alarm events and notifications with date/time stamps. A custom annotation can be entered on any measurement data point or alarm condition for auditing histories.