Monitoring solutions for critical life sciences applications
Temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure data logging and alarms
Cold storage, refrigerators and freezers
Incubator environments
Clean room applications
Life Sciences, Medical and Pharmaceutical monitoring solutions
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Full featured monitoring and alarm solutions for hospital and pharmaceutical applications
Paragon Robotics’ temperature, humidity, CO2, particulate and light sensors are available with both Ethernet and wireless communication options. Systems monitor facilities and their refrigeration systems to ensure product quality and eliminate costly waste due to spoilage. Our systems provide real-time, 24/7 monitoring with programmable data rates for alarms and logged data.

Our Enterprise software provides a multi-user environment with administrative privileges and user auditing features designed to meet any specific government or customer requirements. Our data logging and analysis software suite offers measurement dashboards, data analysis charting, and automated and custom period reports.
Cooling, freezer and refrigeration systems
Cooling, freezer and refrigeration systems
Our RTD temperature probes and logging systems are used in cold storage applications. For refrigerators/ (ultra) freezers, our devices coupled with the DB37 RTD sensor and door switch modules with an external RTD probe provide excellent accuracy within storage temperature ranges.
Incubator environments
Incubator environments
Our DB16, incubator CO2, temperature and humidity expansion module, can monitor air inside an incubator, with the N device base device is located safely outside of the incubator box. Real-time alerts and historical sensor data from the incubator can be used to ensure product quality and process efficiency.
Clean room applications
Clean room applications
Ensure adequate room conditions for producing quality products with the built-in alarm capability and live notification of extreme ambient conditions. Monitor ambient temperature/ humidity and particulate with Dylos laser particle counters.
System features
  • Monitor refrigeration systems for temperature
  • Utilize external RTDs and Thermocouples to monitor low temps
  • Monitor cooling units door openings/ closings and set alarms
  • Optimize production performance and efficiency with power monitoring
  • Ambient temperature measurements in storage, warehouses, production areas and labs
  • Custom dashboard, charting and analysis software
  • Export data, alarms and annotations for audit records
  • Individual alarm notifications by email and/or text
Refrigeration sensor setup
Monitoring at refrigerators, freezers and cold storage
Utilize our base sensor device with an RTD input expansion module to monitor temperatures inside the vaccine storage refrigerator with an RTD temperature probe. In addition the base device has built in ambient temperature and humidity sensors to monitor room conditions.

In order to eliminate false alarms with freezer and refrigerator door opening or closing, Paragon offers a Freezer RTD with Glycerol Bottle kit and advanced alarm-averaging software programming by reducing the response time of the RTD to sudden temporary changes in the temperature while still protecting food products from cooling system failures.
Vaccine Case Study
Vaccine storage case study
Eliminate costly waste and meet auditing requirements with wireless temperature monitoring systems.

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and vaccine R&D/ production facilities are constantly facing the issue of vaccine and drug spoilage due to improper storage conditions or cooling system failures that go undetected.

Compliance. Quality. Efficiency.
Meet reporting requirements
Our temperature monitoring systems and Enterprise software are designed to meet core 21CFR Part 11 regulation requirements for electronic documentation and signature control in a multi-user environment.

  • Multiple users with administrative privileges and user assignments.
  • Individual user auditing.
  • ReportCreator for standard 21CF Part 11 reporting and custom internal quality controls.
  • MessageCenter with system notifications and alarm tracking.
  • Secure encrypted data storage.
clean room case study
Clean room case study
Clean room monitoring systems with particulate and differential pressure sensors. Keep sensitive materials in laboratories, hospitals, or manufacturing areas from contaminants in a closely monitored clean room to ensure product safety and sanitation.