Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Capabilities Overview and Specifications
Circuit board assembly specifications
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT), thru-hole components and mixed boards
  • SMT capabilities: JUKI KE2060E
  • Re-tape and reel (In-House): Yes
  • SMT placement machine feeder count: 100 x 8mm
  • Max component height: 15mm
  • Max component size: 140mmx73mm
  • Smallest pitch: 10mil
  • Max panel width: 405mm
  • Max Panel length: 560mm
  • Reflow oven : Manncorp CR4000-T
  • Reflow Oven Zone Count: 4 zone
  • ROHS Wave solder machine: Selective Wave EBSO SPA300
  • Screen/ Jet Printer Model: Ekra 40D
  • Automated Screen Printer Frame Sizes: (20x20 Frame), (23x23 Frame), (29x29 Frame)
  • MSL Control Devices (Baking/Seal/Storage): Yes
  • ISO-9001, AS-9100, IPC-A-610 G (Class II/III) and ROHS certified
Production processes
  • ISO trained Manufacture Engineering staff, SMT operators and production technicians
  • Engineering and software developers available for testing procedures or fixtures
  • Engineering microscopes: Ring light 2.25x / 5x magnification, Microscope 10x min magnification
  • Digital Oscilloscopes and Fluke multi-meters for troubleshooting
  • Visual inspections throughout build process
  • Customer supplied functionality tests
  • In-house development tests per customer specifications
  • Temperature and humidity environmental test chambers
  • Label printing capability: Yes
  • Label Printer Model: Zebra GK420D
  • Rework stations and ROHS Soldering Irons
  • Experienced technicians for hand placement parts and reworks
  • ISO-9001, AS-9100, IPC-A-610 G (Class II/III) and ROHS certified
Production SMT line
Solder process