Ambient monitoring solutions for warehouses and material storage
Temperature, humidity, and moisture with alarm notifications
Material/ product storage racks
Walk-in cold storage
Temperature mapping services
Warehouse and material storage monitoring solutions
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Guardians of Goods: Total Monitoring & Alarm Solutions for Warehouses & Storage
Protect your investments in finished products, materials, process chemicals, build parts, and components with Paragon Robotics’ wireless temperature logging and temperature monitoring systems.

Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a monitored and controlled warehouse and storage areas. Paragon's scalable monitoring and control systems provide cost-effective warehouse and storage area management solutions for both single or multi-building facilities of any size.

In addition to real time monitoring systems, Paragon also supports customers throughout their temperature mapping and validation requirements, ranging from providing plug-and-play monitoring equipment for the activity, to turnkey on-site mapping services for system commissioning or re-commissioning.
System features
  • Ambient temperature in multiple areas or zones
  • Individual alarm notifications by email and text
  • Monitor cold storage systems and walk-in coolers/ freezers
  • Optimize maintenance on air filtration systems
  • Dashboard, charting, and analysis software
  • System modeling with custom dashboard displays
  • Occupancy-based security and control systems
  • Enterprise software for multi-user systems with administrative and auditing requirements
Ambient monitoring systems
Temperature monitoring systems
We offer wired and wireless monitoring and control devices with display, alarms, and expansion ports for plug-in sensor modules with a broad selection of measurements, monitoring, and data logging capabilities.

The N-Series product family offers built-in temperature and humidity sensors and compatibility with external sensors such as temperature probes, including RTDs, thermistors and thermocouples. Our modular design with expansion ports allows each unit to be customized around your specific application or capable of future expansion.

A distributed network of remote sensors can be configured with a mix of wired Ethernet and wireless monitoring devices. Monitor all ambient storage areas, cold storage systems and prep, process, and curing Rooms.
Warehouse Monitoring Case Study
Warehouse storage monitoring case study
Find cold and hot spots with temperature and humidity mapping in product storage areas.

Not all building management and warehouse HVAC systems can provide consistent temperature and humidity throughout the entire facility. While the systems may indicate a steady and controlled environment of 70F degrees and 30% humidity, warehouses and distribution centers will have variances based on ventilation designs and structural layouts.

Temperature mapping services
Temperature mapping is an important process for validating and documenting the temperature distribution within equipment like coolers, autoclaves, and other systems that require consistent temperatures. By mapping temperatures throughout the equipment, you can identify any hot or cold spots that could impact your process or products.

Our cGxP-qualified staff can perform complete temperature mapping studies on your equipment on-site, and ultimately complete all required validation documentation.
Compliance. Quality. Efficiency.
Meet reporting requirements
Our temperature monitoring systems and Enterprise software are designed to meet core 21CFR Part 11 regulation requirements for electronic documentation and signature control in a multi-user environment.

  • Multiple users with administrative privileges and user assignments.
  • Individual user auditing.
  • ReportCreator for standard 21CF Part 11 reporting and custom internal quality controls.
  • MessageCenter with system notifications and alarm tracking.
  • Secure encrypted data storage.
Desktop monitor background Dashboard view
Customized sensor dashboard interface, charting analysis and system modeling
Quickly set up and customize your monitoring system using an intuitive dashboard interface with DataRecorder our innovative LaunchPad software applications. All software is browser-based and runs on any type of device or operating system.
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