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Our mission
Paragon Robotics supplies world-class data loggers, monitoring, and control systems. Our sensors are used throughout the US, Canada, and Europe for applications ranging from energy efficiency auditing, building performance, and air quality studies to warehouse, storage and greenhouse, environmental monitoring.
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Our history
Paragon was founded in 2006 in Raleigh NC, and moved to Northeast Ohio in 2009 to take advantage of the vast engineering and manufacturing experience of the area. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are located southeast of Cleveland in Twinsburg, Ohio.
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Our plan
We heavily invest in our employees and their technical know-how, and develop all of our technology in-house. As a result, our design, support, and customization capabilities far surpass that of our competitors. Customer value is the primary focus for all Paragon products. By offering game-changing value, our mission is to provide world-class technology to even the most cost-sensitive markets. In everything from our customer-facing products to our internal systems, we believe technology is critical in maintaining excellence. Technology drives much of our innovation and company direction, and constantly improves our company productivity and product competitiveness. All products are completely designed, manufactured, and supported in-house at their facility, delivering US-built quality with all of their products.
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