Microgrid control and management of energy loads
  • Provide the high-level Micro-Auctioning™ capability for microgrid control.
  • Steps users through the operational tuning and resilience event planning.
  • Configuration and setup of managed microgrid load processes.
  • Monitor and prioritize energy loads for load shedding in critical situations
  • Analyzer energy loads for auto scheduling
Create sensor alarms and receive immediate notifications
Set text alerts up on your system for sensor alarms. Available through HaloCloud.
Set emails to be triggered on notification of a sensor alarm condition. Available through HaloCloud.
Browser alerts
Receive alarm alerts locally on your computer right in your browser.
Sensors and gateway hardware
Compatible hardware and devices

The DataRecorder software is available free with your Paragon Robotics sensors and controls. It provides an interactive dashboard to monitor and control your hardware. Additional sensors and controls can be added to your thermostat system. Choose from a broad range of measurements including temperature, humidity, power, light, occupancy, moisture, pressure, CO2, flow as well as compatibility with any instrumentation or sensor output.