Monitor anything, anywhere.
Choose one of the most powerful monitoring & automation platforms available
Massive sensor selection
Multi-user access
Flexible connectivity
Cutting edge scalable systems with a broad range of measurement capability
Paragon Robotics' data loggers and monitoring systems with Ethernet and wireless sensor devices provide cost-effective solutions for a broad range of energy, environmental, and industrial markets.

Choose from a broad range of measurements including temperature, humidity, power, light, occupancy, moisture, pressure, air quality, CO2, particulate, or flow, as well as compatibility with any instrumentation or sensor output. Available sensor devices and external sensors are cost-effective and easy to install.
Monitor anything
One of the largest array of sensor and control types available, with over 32 different modules to choose from.

Out-of-the box support for all low-level interfaces like 0-10V, 4-20mA, and Modbus, allowing seamless integration with any third party transducer.
Connectivity to meet your needs
You name a communication protocol, we can speak it. From standalone USB loggers, to hybrid LTE-M cellular sites with 900MHz wireless local networking, our flexible platform provides the connectivity options to meet you application.

Select between free Paragon-hosted cloud access, standalone PC access, and even on-premise server options for locked-down access, it's easy to assemble a system to meet your requirements.
Compatibility with any network setup
Fast plug-in and download logger options
900MHz wireless option for wire-free installs
World-wide cellular connectivity
Powerful multi-user system access
Available HaloCloud Enterprise enables access to unlimited employees & partners, with precision access control and permissions. Secure access options and mobile-friendly software allow collaborative access to all your data, enabling powerful analysis and efficiencies.
Desktop monitor background Dashboard view
Customized sensor dashboard interface, charting analysis and system modeling
Quickly set up and customize your monitoring system using an intuitive dashboard interface with DataRecorder our innovative LaunchPad software applications. All software is browser-based and runs on any type of device or operating system.
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