University / Campus / School Solutions
Air quality and energy efficiency systems
Reliable Monitoring Solutions
  • Student and employee comfort systems
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Occupancy-based control systems
  • HVAC monitoring with energy efficiency and savings
  • Monitor refrigeration systems for temperature
  • Ambient temperature measurements in storage, warehouses, production areas, and labs
  • Custom dashboard and analysis software
  • SystemSimulator building modeling and profiling software

Paragon Robotics' data logging and monitoring systems can be used to monitor and improve campus facilities’ air quality, energy efficiency, and personal comfort systems. Classrooms, dormitories, lobby areas, and offices can all be monitored to insure a healthy and safe IAQ environment.

Additionally, storage and warehouse facilities can be monitored for optimal ambient conditions to maintain research materials and supplies.

All systems include our data logging software suite, which provides measurement dashboards, analysis charting, and stored data, and can send out alarm notifications via email or text messages.

Paragon's scalable data logging and monitoring systems provide cost-effective solutions for any-size campuses.

monitor cooling systems
Employee, Student and Visitor Comfort and Air Quality

Maintain a temperate building and/or working environment across multiple zones or rooms with Paragon Robotics’ wireless data loggers, or ensure comfort in both small and large facilities with our scalable systems and easily-installed additional wireless sensors.

Use the wireless temperature and humidity sensors to monitor ambient conditions throughout a building or multiple rooms to ensure comfort and avoid high-humidity mold issues.

Our wireless temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor measures indoor carbon dioxide concentrations to determine indoor air quality (IAQ).

Indoor Air Quality Case Study at Universities

Wireless CO2, temperature, and humidity logging systems provide IAQ historical data and trends across campus buildings and student dormitories.

Providing a safe and healthy student living and learning environment is important to universities and colleges. With older buildings, potentially high occupancy areas, and oftentimes small, congested living areas, it can be difficult for building and HVAC control systems to maintain appropriate levels of Indoor Air Quality.

View the complete University IAQ Case Study .

Occupancy-Based Control Systems

Use Paragon Robotics' wireless temperature, humidity, and occupancy sensors to optimize lighting and HVAC systems' energy management. Automated control systems can be set up to manage energy use only when buildings, warehouses, rooms, or working areas are occupied.

Our wireless temperature, humidity, and light sensors are used for indoor lighting studies and monitoring lighting system performance.

Wireless temperature, humidity, and occupancy sensors is used for indoor lighting studies and monitoring lighting system performance.

Energy Usage and Efficiency Improvements
Monitoring and automation solutions
Wireless Sensors for Energy Applications

Offering a complete line of wireless sensors for energy project requirements, our product line includes a wide range of measurements with wireless sensors .

After initial setup and installation, the monitoring systems easily scales with additional sensors as your requirements expand. Systems are also compatible with any external sensors or existing instrumentation with VDC or mA outputs.

True Power and AC Line Monitoring

Monitor true power usage or current (Amps) on main and sub power lines throughout a facility to evaluate overall power usage, or usage by individual systems and machines.

Utilizing our external current clamp sensors and DB18 expansion modules on a base sensor device , you can log and monitor energy use and efficiency over time on any AC power circuit.

For true power usage, our DB1 expansion module, with inputs for three analog CTs and line voltage, can be coupled with any of our sensor devices .

HVAC and Filtration System Performance

Track all HVAC system performance data and keep your system operating at its peak performance and energy efficiency. Use logged historic data to eliminate inefficiencies like poor airflow, occupancy, and heating or cooling element issues.

Monitor filter performance with the wireless differential pressure sensor device and compare pressure readings before and after filtration systems. Additional filter performance monitoring is available with a Dylos Particulate Counter output, coupled with the Model DB80 serial module .

Cooling and refrigeration systems

Our in situ temperature probes and systems are frequently used in refrigeration applications. For refrigeration systems, we suggest our sensor device with expansion ports and the DB33 RTD sensor modules with an external temperature probe, both of which provide excellent accuracy within cooling temperature ranges. More cost-effective wireless thermistor probes can be used, but these lack the same accuracy as Paragon products, as cooling systems typically run at the edge of their measurement ranges.

Our wired and wireless monitoring system eliminate costly product waste and spoilage by keeping you in the know with our remote alarm feature, which can instantly send you an email or text notification in the event of a refrigerator failure.

monitor cooling systems
Desktop monitor background Dashboard view
Customized sensor dashboard interface, charting analysis and system modeling
Quickly set up and customize your monitoring system using an intuitive dashboard interface with DataRecorder our innovative LaunchPad software applications. All software is browser-based and runs on any type of device or operating system.
Related Software
Sensor Logging and Dashboard Displays

Our configuration software and DataRecorder software are included at no charge with our data logging and monitoring systems.

Our software provides both local and cloud-based remote access to your system data and sensors on PCs and all mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Chart, log, and monitor all individual sensor data, or perform a quick check of real-time sensor measurements with our multi-view display. Access your system data, sensor measurements, and configuration from anywhere with our cloud service.

Chart and export sensor data fast
Building and system sensor alarms with immediate notifications
Set text alerts up on your HVAC system for sensor alarms. Available through HaloCloud.
Set emails to be triggered on notification of a building sensor alarm condition. Available through HaloCloud.
Browser alerts
Receive software alarm alerts locally on your computer right in your browser.