Energy Auditing & Monitoring
Building performance bench marking systems

Paragon Robotics' data logging and monitoring systems with sensor and control devices provide crucial data necessary for benchmarking performance of building and facility energy use and management. Convenient energy auditing solutions provide fast installation and ongoing, long-term building performance monitoring.

Expand monitoring systems with the addition of wired and wireless controls to automate building systems such as lighting, HVAC, and production machines for reduced energy costs.

Our scalable energy monitoring and control systems provide cost-effective solutions for small, large and/or multi-building facilities.

Cost Effective Energy Solutions
  • Energy efficiency and savings
  • HVAC monitoring and AC power usage
  • Occupancy-based control systems
  • Employee and tenant comfort systems
  • Air quality studies with CO2 and particulate
  • Thermostatic system automation and controls
  • Custom dashboard and analysis software
  • SystemSimulator building modeling/ profiling software
Sensors for Energy Applications

Our scalable energy monitoring and control systems with wireless sensors provide cost-effective solutions for small, large and/or multi-building facilities.

Choose from a broad selection of measurements, including temperature, humidity, power, light, occupancy, moisture, pressure, air quality, CO2, particulate, or flow, all of which are compatible with any instrumentation or sensor output.

After initial setup and installation, the monitoring system easily scales with additional sensors as your requirements expand. Systems are also compatible with any external sensors or existing instrumentation with VDC or mA outputs.

Configure alarm setpoints/ notifications
Free Remote Cloud Access and IoT Sensors

Our HaloCloud service can be used to have full remote access to your monitoring or logging system and sensors from anywhere in the world with any mobile device or PC with an Internet connection.

Our cloud service also enables individual sensor alarm notifications via email and/or text messages. Upgrade to the Enterprise version of our software for advanced security, administrative privileges, and auditing features for multi-user systems and environments.