Moisture and Leak Detection sensors

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MS1 moisture sensor

MS1 moisture sensor

Decagon moisture sensors can be used to measure moisture levels in media randing from soils to masonite. It is used in conjunction with the Wireless sensor device with DB18 VDC/ mA input module to integrate into any logging, monitoring, or control system.

WSS1 water surface sensor

WSS1 water surface sensor for leak detection

The WSS1 water/ leak detector can be placed in areas to monitor for water from leaks and/or floods. With the Model WSS1 connected to the Model DB18 wireless transmitter, receive immediate notification via software, email and/or text message of a leak detection alarm. System will continuously monitor and provide current status of the WSS1 water/ leak detector on software dashboard. The model SC18 can connect up to four (4) WSS1 leak detectors or combination of our compatible external sensors.