Innovative Weight-Based Inventory Management Systems: From Hospitals to Fasteners - Coming soon!
May 3, 2024
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In response to the evolving demands of various industries, our new weight-based inventory systems offer a wide range of hardware options designed to meet multiple needs, from precision hospital inventory management to cost-effective fastener inventory bins. With scale options starting at just $75 per bin, our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and affordability.

Paragon Robotics platform utilizes two types of weight-based scale products to accurately measure inventory part weights: a "hanging" style model and a "shelf" style model. These devices meticulously calculate the change in inventory for each bin, display the update on a front-mounted LCD interface, and seamlessly relay the change to a cloud-based server for further processing.

Key features of our weight-based inventory systems include:

  • Diverse Hardware Options: Catering to a variety of industry needs, our hardware ranges from high-precision scales for sensitive hospital inventories to economical options for fastener bins.
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Changes in inventory are instantly displayed on the device's LCD interface, ensuring immediate visibility.
  • Cloud Integration: Inventory data is transmitted to a cloud-based server, allowing for real-time tracking and analysis.
  • User-Friendly Software: Our powerful software suite, accessible through any web-enabled device (including mobile), offers a comprehensive array of application modules for a full-featured inventory management system.

Our weight-based inventory systems are designed to provide robust and adaptable solutions for businesses across different sectors. By offering affordable and scalable options, we aim to enhance inventory accuracy and efficiency, ultimately helping our customers streamline their operations. Paragon Robotics expects to ship evaluation systems by the end of the summer and full production systems starting in the fall.

For additional information and specifications, please visit our weight-based inventory systems overview or discuss your requirements directly with one of our sales technicians toll free at 800.893.9639.