Design and Technical Services
Integrated software and hardware systems
Design and Technical Services

Customized software and hardware are available to meet our customers needs.

Our software can provide customized dashboards, displays, protocol translation, and data system integration, as well as additional computing functionality and analysis tools.

Hardware solutions for new sensor products and external sensor integration can be developed by our engineering team. Our powerful N-Series systems can be programmed with sensor modules for a myriad of factors, and expanded to cover applications of all sizes.

Please contact our engineering services group for additional information and quotations on your project at 800.893.9639 .

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Custom Software Solutions
  • Customized software dashboards and displays
  • Customized graphical system modeling with sensor locations and readouts
  • Additional software functionality, computing, analysis and reporting tools
  • Software support of external sensors
  • OEM software interface options
  • Building automation interfaces and industrial controls
  • Custom solutions for small, medium, and large-scale businesses

Campus/ Building photo overlay with sensor locations and readings

Integrated Custom Hardware

Custom hardware, sensors, and software scripting are available to tailor solutions around applications. Add new external sensor support, or develop standalone scripts for our N-Series devices to perform automated control tasks.

Custom Hardware Solutions
  • Sensors with Ethernet, USB, and wireless power options
  • Wireless enabling of additional external sensors
  • OEM hardware options
  • Building automation and industrial controllers
  • SuperGateway data handling scripts and network protocols
  • Custom enclosures and power options
  • Custom solutions for small, medium, and large businesses