System Integration, Installation, Training Services
Fast setup and programming
System Integration, Installation and Training Services

Our team of engineers is available to provide comprehensive system design and integration solutions for your application requirements. Electrical and network design, installation supervision and management, and other installation support needs can be provided on-site.

Development support capabilities include areas such as customized software dashboards and graphical building and simulation models for your system.

Paragon Robotics can also provide complete on-site hardware installation and software setup to get your sensor and control system up and running. Our service team is available both remotely and on-site.

Please contact our engineering services group for additional information and quotations on your project at 800.893.9639 .

Integration and Installation Services
  • On-site installation services
  • Electrical and network system design solutions
  • Building and industrial automation and controls
  • Pre-programmed systems- software dashboards/ display configuration
  • Custom software dashboards/ display configuration
  • Graphical building models with sensor locations and displays
  • Integrate software features and functionality
  • BacNet and Modbus sensor integration
  • Company campus, multiple location/building deployment
  • HVAC and energy efficiency monitoring
  • Professional sevices for small, medium and large-scale businesses
Hardware and Software Training
  • On-site training services
  • Remote, web-based training sessions
  • System and hardware setup
  • Dashboard software installation and configuration
  • Graphical building modeling software
  • System automation and controls training
  • Training options for small, medium, and large-scale businesses
Hardware and Software Training

System, hardware, and software training is available for all of Paragon's products. From system setup and configuration training to courses on customization of our powerful software products, our engineers are able to maximize our customers' use of our software products.

Gain valuable insight on DataRecorder, SystemBuilder and integrate our building modeling software into your systems for an added graphical dashboard interface.

On-site and remote web-based training sessions are available for individuals or teams, and will get you up and running in no time.