Temperature Data Logging Systems

Our temperature data logging systems provide unmatched functionality, flexibility and value for any application. With USB, Ethernet and wireless connectivity options, Paragon Robotics' systems efficiently meet a broad array of requirements, from standalone temperature loggers to larger, complex distributed sensor logging networks. Our systems provide industry-leading features while also seamlessly incorporating real-time access and advanced data logging and Enterprise level software capabilities in the same system.

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  • Wireless, Ethernet and USB connectivity options
  • High resolution display and audible alarms
  • Built-in ambient temperature and humidity sensors
  • Add measurements through expansion ports and DB modules
  • Broad range of sensor modules available
  • Software dashboards, charting analysis, data exports and reports
  • Free cloud service for remote access and alarm notifications via email/ text
  • Enterprise level software upgrade available for multi-user system with administrative options, auditing features, and custom reports.

Our modular design approach allows each data logger to be customized around the application or capable of future expansions, such as temperature data logging requirements increase. Our flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions will efficiently meet your most demanding applications.

Temperature Data Logging Sensors and Systems

Wireless, Ethernet or USB connected temperature data loggers with display, alarms, and expansion ports for plug-in sensor modules offering a broad array of measurements.

The N-Series product family offers built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and is compatible with external sensors such as temperature probes, e.g., RTDs, thermistors, and thermocouples. Our modular design with expansion ports allows each unit to be customized around your specific application or capable of future expansion.

Featured Products

Wireless temperature and humidity data logger
Starting At: $179.00
Wireless connection to system gateway Expansion ports for additional measurements
USB temperature and humidity data logger
Starting At: $139.00
USB interface and data storage Expansion ports for additional measurements
Ethernet/wireless temperature & humidity
Starting At: $248.00
Wired and wireless network connectivity. Expandable.
Power expansion module w/ CT Clamps
Starting At: $78.00
Monitor power with expansion module inputs for three CT clamps.
Wireless RTD data logger
Starting At: $208.00
Built-in temperature and humidity with RTD probe expansion module
Wireless CO2 data logger
Starting At: $408.00
CO2 expansion sensor module with built-in temperature and humidity
Wireless system gateway
Starting At: $219.00
Wireless sensors with integrated temperature and humidity sensors
External sensors
Starting At: $119.00
CT clamps, temperature probes, particulate, flowmeters
USB or Ethernet access data loggers as standalone solution

Our USB or Ethernet temperature data loggers offer a local solution, with direct downloads of measurement data. Data downloading is fast and simple with connection via Ethernet or USB. With 1 Gb of data storage, and the capability to store millions of sample points, the temperature data loggers can be left unattended for extended periods to log conditions.

Networked temperature data logging sensor system solutions

A combined network ofEthernet and wireless data logging devices can be distributed throughout a building or across campuses and locations to provide real-time, multi-point measurements and data collection through a single interface.

Temperature data logging with external temperature probes

For temperature data logging in freezer, refrigeration, oven, and furnace environments, Paragon offers wired and wireless sensor devices compatible with external temperature probes, including all types of thermocouples, RTDs or thermistors. With a rugged temperature probe placed in the harsh environment, our temperature data loggers are located safely out of harm's way.

Temperature logging dashboards, charting and exporting

Quickly configure your USB, Ethernet or wireless temperature data loggers using an intuitive dashboard interface with DataRecorder or innovative LaunchPad software for custom displays. All software is browser-based and runs on any type of device or operating system.

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  • Fast system setup and sensor configuration.
  • Custom dashboard display of sensor measurements.
  • Configure data logging parameters.
  • Data analysis with charting and exporting.
  • Precision calibration - NIST certifications available.
  • Alarm set points and text or email notifications.
  • Free cloud service for remote access to sensor networks.
  • Enterprise-level software upgrade available for multi-user system with administrative options, auditing features, and custom reports.

Our Software Store gives you access to free and paid applications that integrate with our hardware devices.

Significant storage, auto time synchronized and calibrated logged data

All data from your temperature data loggers is time synchronized to 30 microseconds, eliminating any post-processing. All logged data is stored as the true calibrated value, removing any need for post software calculations by the user.

Utilize the DataAnalyzer software, widget for charting and analytics, to review historical temperature logger data.

Chart and export sensor data fast
Create sensor alarms and receive immediate notifications
Set text alerts up on your system for sensor alarms. Available through HaloCloud.
Set emails to be triggered on notification of a sensor alarm condition. Available through HaloCloud.
Browser alerts
Receive alarm alerts locally on your computer right in your browser.