Weapon logger and shot counter
Commercial and military versions of our advanced weapon logger systems
Shot counting up to 10000 rounds per minute
Machine learning algorithms for preventative maintenance
Full array of optional sensors for logging environmental and mission parameters
Army NGSW rifle
Swoop graphic
Rifle weapon logger and shot counter
Picatinny rail mounted rifle logger
Our rifle logger attaches to Picatinny rail, and only uses 1.6" x 1" x 1" of space, allowing it to be installed in nearly any rail position. The rifle logger utilizes a CR123 lithium battery for up to 2 years of use between battery changes with active wireless functionality.

Availability of the rifle logger is late Q2/2024. Please contact us for specifications, pricing, and availability.
System features
  • Can log over 5 million shot counts, with 10 microsecond timestamp accuracy
  • In addition to acceleration, logs temperature, gyroscope, pressure, moisture, and microphone levels
  • Works with our separate wireless reader device for downloading data from large numbers of loggers at once
  • Optional machine learning capability to alert user to imminent mechanical failure or preventative maintenance needs
  • Advanced software options for advanced functionality such as reports, dashboards, armory-wide performance, and more
Miltary vehicle logger
Emergency response and military vehicle loggers
Our vehicle logger utilizes an ultra-high resolution 3-axis accelerometer to detect weapon discharges, impact events from enemy fire, and any other mission parameters associated with even minor vehicle movements. The loggers also provide detailed CAN-bus and Ethernet monitoring capabilities to log any other available data on the vehicle.

Over 100 million data points can be logged on the device and can be downloaded via a wireless reader device or through Ethernet. Availability of the vehicle logger is late Q2/2024. Please contact us for specifications, pricing, and availability.