Department of Navy awards Paragon Robotics government contract for market research and development of real time temperature monitoring system for medical goods supply chains.

Bedford Heights, OH - November 4, 2020

The Department of Navy (DON) recently awarded Paragon Robotics a phase 1 government contract for initial market study and research of the consumable medical goods supply chain requirements and planned development of a temperature monitoring system to meet the market's needs and regulatory requirements. Future phases of the contract will continue development progress of Paragon's proposed hardware and software solution to meet market requirements.

During the initial project phase, Paragon Robotics will provide research data from their market, customer and product experiences to help (1) understand the specific requirements of the DON regarding medical consumable shelf-life tracking and monitoring, (2) validate a proposed monitoring system design and interfaces to meet DON quantitative and qualitative requirements, and (3) develop a detailed commercialization plan and business case for the proposed technology with the Navy and other Federal or commercial customers.

Medical consumables used in health care environments have a limited shelf life, often related to the temperature history of the specific medical goods during transportation and storage. The FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) have been established to standardize the handling of pharmaceuticals and other consumables throughout the supply chain process, and help ensure the viability of these products at the point of care. Automatic sensing systems are common in the health care industry, and usually focus on using either "one-time use" temperature sensors packaged with a consumable product throughout the supply chain, or utilize temperature monitoring systems at points of storage (refrigerators or conditioned storage).

Paragon Robotics proposed complete hardware and software monitoring solution allows the Department of the Navy (DON) to significantly improve the process of tracking medical consumable quality throughout the supply chain, reduce sustainment costs, and provide improved product quality to the end health care provider. By integrating a low-cost wireless temperature and tracking sensor with specific medical consumables at the manufacturer, as well as strategically placed network of wireless receivers at key supply chain points, a complete temperature history and shelf life calculation can be maintained for every product. The proposed system leverages our established technology platform to meet stringent DoD security requirements and FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliance. Cloud connectivity and hosting is optionally provided using our FedRAMP compliant services solution, providing the highest level of security for cloud-based systems.

System topology of medical consumable monitoring

Paragon Robotics is a manufacturer and service provider of sensor systems to both Federal and commercial customers. Our systems and solutions are utilized in markets ranging from cold storage and warehouse monitoring (hospitals and pharmacies), energy efficiency and building management systems (BMS), industrial process controls and automation, and energy microgrids and resilience.

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Paragon Robotics is a manufacturer and service provider of data monitoring systems and controls products providing logging and automation solutions in energy, medical, industrial and environmental markets. Our Ethernet and/or wireless sensors and controls are used throughout the United States and Canada in a broad range of applications including energy efficiency (M&V), meter management, warehouse and cold storage, life sciences/ medical and industrial process monitoring. Configuration, measurement and system dashboards, data recording, logging and analytics software are provided at no additional costs. Paragon Robotics also offers Enterprise level software for multi-user environments and cloud service for remote access to real time sensor data and alarm capabilities with immediate email and SMS text notifications.



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