February Software Update

Bedford Heights, OH - February 4, 2020

  • The new N series hardware devices are available for preorder! This past month has been about updating the websites product pages to allow for a better shopping experience and to open up the preordering process for these new devices. The checkout process has also undergone some improvements, including a guest checkout process beting added. In addition, there are many bug fixes across the software suite.
Bug fixes
  • Website product page redesign for N series rollout
  • Shoping Cart now has itemized list of added products
  • Checkout can now be completed by a guest, not just a logged in user
  • Settings has new optimizations in place allowing for better sensor and gateway connections
  • Settings has had some changes to enable use of N series products
  • Launchpad has had some fixes put in place for a better model dashboard experience
  • DataRecorder has had some styling changes to enable use of N series products
  • SystemModeler will now allow adding of existing devices in model
  • Support page search is now fixed
  • Support in page broken links have been fixed
  • Image optimizations have happened across the website to allow quicker load times and less data usage
  • Automated tests have been written to improve software suite quality

Paragon Robotics

About Paragon Robotics :

Paragon Robotics is a manufacturer and service provider of data monitoring systems and controls products providing logging and automation solutions in energy, medical, industrial and environemental markets. Our Ethernet and/or wireless sensors and controls are used throughout the United States and Canada in a broad range of applications including energy efficiency (M&V), meter management, warehouse and cold storage, life sciences/ medical and industrial process monitoring. Configuration, measurement and system dashboards, data recording and logging software and analytics are provided at no additional costs. Paragon Robotics offers Enterprise level software for multi-user environements and cloud service for remote access to real time sensor data and alarm capabilities with immediate email and SMS text notification.



Kevin Kline