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Paragon Robotics expands domestic sales channel with AirTelligence Inc. for wireless monitoring systems and smart building solutions.

AirTelligence Inc.

Cleveland, OH - May 3, 2017 - Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data logging equipment and remote sensors, has expanded their sales channel with the addition of AirTelligence Inc. based in Scottsdale, Arizona. AirTelligence Inc. will focus on smart buildings, energy management systems and cold storage monotoring solutions with Paragon Robotics line of wireless temperature, humidity, power, occupancy and lighting sensors and monitoring systems. AirTelligence provides their customers application support with knowledgeable, trained and certified personnel providing technical assistance in the southwestern United States.

AirTelligence Inc. has products and systems installed or maintains systems at several major universities and college campuses, many of the major hospitals, major laboratories, military bases, high tech/ clean manufacutrung, gaming/ resort properties and a number of k-12 elementary schools across their region. Their strategic partners have been developing smart monitoring solutions for years and provide cutting edge technology for today's applications. AirTelligence selected Paragon Robotics as a primary source of wireless monitoring equipment and remote sensors due to Paragon's reliable and scalable designs, system compatibility and unique secure cloud data with alarm capabilities.

Paragon's wireless system gateways, wireless intelligent thermostats/ controls and battery operated remote sensors can monitor and record any temperature (ambient to thermocouple/RTD/Thermistor in situ probes), humidity, solar, light, power (AC current), water/gas flow, occupancy data and are compatible with any external sensor or instrumentation measurement outputs. With Paragon's included end user software and optional HaloCloud cloud service , real time and logged sensor data can be accessed from anywhere with any internet enabled PC or mobile devices to check on facilities or system processes. In addition, HaloCloud enables individual sensor measurement alarm capabilities with notification of critical events via email or SMS text. All of Paragon Robotics' monitoring and control systems include their freely available DataRecorder software for real time dashboard display and/or the ability to continuously monitor, chart and log all of the system's sensor measurements.

"Paragon Robotics is pleased to find a sales partner in the southwestern United States with strong long lasting customer relationships and a solution oriented approach to customer applications. We feel we have added a solid partner with the technical ability to assist with wireless system and sensor integrations in our target markets." stated Kevin Kline, Paragon Robotics Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "AirTelligence has developed solid customer foundation to expand our wireless opportunities in the building performance market with their existing relationships at military bases, schools, and hospitals. Their technical capabilities and design experience with smart buildings and facility energy management systems will be an advantage in expanding our installation base in the southwestern United States. We are excited to bring on such a great resource and option for our customers."

Paragon Robotics plans to continue adding to their sales network of qualified system integrators and knowledgeable value added partners in the US and Canada to provide customers the highest level of sales service and support available in their markets. In addition, Paragon Robotics product line will be introduced throuhgout Europe in June 2024 and available through a network of European distributors. Please visit their website, paragonrobotics.com, or call at 1-800-893-9639 for additional information on their wireless data logger systems.