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Paragon Robotics expands distribution channel with sales partnership with Data Logger Solutions for wireless data logger and monitoring systems with remote sensors.

Data Logger Solutions

Cleveland, OH - April 10, 2015 - Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data logging equipment and remote sensors, has expanded their distribution channel with the addition of Data Logger Solutions based in North Carolina. Data Logger Solutions will focus on building automation and facility energy management systems with Paragon Robotics line of wireless temperature, humidity, power, occupancy and lighting sensors and monitoring systems. Data Logger Solutions will provide their customers knowledgeable application support with fast access to Paragon's products by carrying product inventory and quick turnaround on customer requests and orders.

Data Logger Solutions, LLC represents a very selective group of monitoring device manufacturers. All of their strategic partners have been developing data acquisition and monitoring solutions for years and provide cutting edge technology for today's markets and applications. Data Logger Solutions selected Paragon Robotics as it's primary source of wireless monitoring equipment and remote sensors due to Paragon's next generation reliable wireless designs, system compatibility and unique secure cloud data and alarm capabilities. Paragon's wireless system gateways and battery operated remote sensors can monitor and record any temperature (ambient to thermocouple/RTD/Thermistor in situ probes), humidity, solar, light, power (AC current), water/gas flow, occupancy data and are compatible with any external sensor or instrumentation measurement outputs. With Paragon's included end user software and optional HaloCloud cloud service , real time and logged sensor data can be accessed from anywhere with any internet enabled PC or mobile devices to check on facilities or system processes. In addition, HaloCloud enables individual sensor measurement alarm capabilities with notification of critical events via email or SMS text. All of Paragon Robotics' data logging systems include their freely available DataRecorder software for real time dashboard display and/or the ability to continuously monitor, chart and log all of the system's sensor measurements.

"Paragon Robotics has been looking for a strong distribution partner in the southeastern United States with a solution oriented approach to customers. With Data Logger Solutions, we feel we have added a solid distributor with the technical ability to assist with wireless sensor integration in our target building automation market. " stated Kevin Kline, Paragon Robotics Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Data Logger Solutions also has a solid foundation to expand our wireless monitoring opportunities in the building and storage data logger market with their existing relationships at hospitals and healthcare facilities. Their focus and experience in these sectors will be an advantage in continuing to expand our facilities monitoring growth. Coupled with our recently released BACnet and Modbus network compatibility, our sensor systems can be easily integrated into a facilities existing network infrastructure or provide a standalone system with our included software dashboards, alarming, charting and logging features."

Vikki Lisec, President of Data Logger Solutions, added "Data Logger Solutions was drawn to Paragon Robotics monitoring solutions as they offered building automation software integration (BACnet/Modbus/3rd Party) and robust hardware and software technologies. Data Logger Solutions was impressed by the wide array of unique sensors for facility monitoring, meeting the specific needs of healthcare, life sciences, and cold chain applications. Paragon Robotics offers an affordable way to view data recordings of temperature/humidity, pressure, power consumption, and more, for single or multiple facilities, and automatically notify users of excursion alerts affecting their critical operations. Data Logger Solutions is pleased to be a partner of Paragon Robotics with the ability to offer new and exciting wireless data logger solutions to its customers."

Paragon Robotics plans to continue adding to their sales network of qualified system integrators and knowledgeable value added partners in the US and Canada to provide customers the highest level of sales service and support available in their markets. Please visit their website, paragonrobotics.com, or call at 1-800-893-9639 for additional information on their wireless data logger systems.