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Paragon Robotics signs distribution agreement with MicroDAQ.com to expand availability of cloud capable wireless data logging systems and remote sensors.

Cleveland, OH - June 10, 2015 - Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data logging equipment and remote sensors, announces the addition of MicroDAQ.com as a value added distributor of their full product line for energy, environmental and industrial applications. MicroDAQ will carry inventory on Paragon's system gateways and popular remote sensors models as well as handle sales and application support to customers. MicroDAQ (www.microdaq.com) is the world's largest single source for data loggers and data acquisition systems across a broad array of markets.

MicroDAQ represents multiple manufacturers of traditional data acquisition equipment with a variety of sensing options and provides application expertise through their experience in the field. Paragon Robotics will expand MicroDAQ's wireless data logging and remote sensor solutions with a product line that offers unprecedented cost savings, fast flexible installation/ configuration and a local or cloud based system over traditional loggers. Paragon's wireless and battery operated remote sensors can monitor and record temperature, humidity, solar, light, power (AC current), water/gas flow, occupancy data and are compatible with any external sensor or instrumentation measurement outputs. All of Paragon Robotics' data logging systems include their freely available DataRecorder software for real time dashboard display and/or the ability to continuously monitor, chart and log all of the system's sensor measurements. With Paragon's HaloCloud cloud service, real time and logged sensor data can be accessed from anywhere from any internet enabled PC or mobile devices to check on facilities or system processes. In addition, HaloCloud enables individual sensor measurement alarm capabilities with notification of critical events via email or SMS text.

"With MicroDAQ joining our distribution network, we significantly upgrade our sales and support capabilities along with expanding product reach and presence in offering our wireless data logging and sensor solutions to target markets and customers." stated Kevin Kline, Paragon Robotics Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our goal is to continuously improve our customer's experience with Paragon products in every aspect. Adding a partner with MicroDAQ's value added and solution oriented approach only enhances our existing core customer values. They are one of the premier distributors of data acquisition and logging systems in North America. Our emerging wireless technology and products coupled with MicroDAQ's capabilities will give us a significant opportunity to expand our customer base."

Paragon Robotics plans to continue adding to its sales network of qualified and knowledgeable system integrators and value added partners in the US and Canada to provide customers the highest level of sales service and support available in their markets.

Paragon Robotics

About Paragon Robotics :

Paragon Robotics data logging systems provide unprecedented cost savings in remotely monitoring sensor data in energy management, building/facilities auditing, environmental testing and a broad range of industrial applications. Systems consist of an Ethernet or Wifi attached Gateway (wired or wireless connection options to local PCs/Laptop or network infrastructure) communicating with remote wireless sensors with a broad range of available built-in and external sensor measurement capabilities. Configuration, data recording and logging software and integration tools for 3rd party software dashboards and analytics are provided at no additional costs. Paragon's HaloCloud cloud service is available for remote access to real time sensor data and alarm capabilities with notification via email or SMS text from anywhere. Paragon continues to expand it's product line with additional remote sensor measurements and wireless control/ automation capabilities along with custom software applications for their customers. For the latest product information and company news, visit our website - www.paragonrobotics.com.


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MicroDAQ.com Ltd.

MicroDAQ.com, Ltd., located in central New Hampshire, sells data loggers and data acquisition devices worldwide, exclusively through the internet. As the world's largest single source for data loggers, representing over 25 manufacturers of loggers and data acquisition systems, we address the needs of the transportation, pharmaceutical, environmental, educational, scientific and industrial communities. With hundreds of different data loggers and data acquisition systems, MicroDAQ.com has the solution for almost any application.

Using our web site as our only catalog we are able to keep you, the customer, updated with the most recent information on the latest products. If you have an application, we would like to discuss your needs. Please feel free to contact one of our sales engineers via phone or email using the information below.

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Email: sales@microdaq.com

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