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Paragon Robotics adds CAS Data Loggers to domestic sales channel with distribution agreement of wireless data logging products and remote sensors.

Cleveland, OH - July 11, 2014 - Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data acquisition and logging products, announces CAS Data Loggers as a domestic distributor of their entire line of wireless data loggers and remote sensors for energy, environmental and industrial applications. CAS Data Loggers (www.dataloggerinc.com), is one of the premier distribution outlets for data logging equipment and sensors across multiple market segments.

CAS Data Loggers has one of the most comprehensive selection of logging equipment available. Paragon Robotics wireless data logging solutions and software provide CAS with a line that offers unprecedented cost savings with remote sensors and a local or cloud based logging system. Paragon's sensors can monitor and record temperature, humidity, light, solar, power (current), water/gas flow and occupancy data. With Paragon's HaloCloud cloud service, real time and logged sensor data can be accessed from anywhere to check on facilities or system processes. In addition, HaloCloud enables individual sensor measurement alarm capabilities with notification of critical events via email or SMS text.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with CAS Data Loggers in offering our wireless data logging and remote sensor solutions to their vast customer base and markets." stated Julian Lamb, Paragon Robotics President. "They are one of the largest distributors of data loggers in North America. The additional exposure for our emerging product line will give us significant opportunity to grow with new installs. Throughout the process of testing and training CAS sales and support staff on our products, we were incredibly impressed with the market knowledge and customer service expectation levels of their employees."

Paragon Robotics plans to continue expanding its sales network of qualified and knowledgeable channel partners in the US and Canada to provide their customers the highest level of sales service and support in their markets.

Paragon Robotics

About Paragon Robotics :

Paragon Robotics data logging systems provide unprecedented cost savings in remotely monitoring sensor data in energy management, building/facilities auditing, environmental testing and a broad range of industrial applications. Systems consist of an Ethernet-attached Gateway communicating with remote wireless sensors with a broad range of available built-in and external sensor measurement capabilities. Configuration, data recording and logging software and integration tools for 3rd party software dashboards and analytics are provided at no additional costs. Paragon's HaloCloud cloud service is available for remote access to real time sensor data and alarm capabilities with notification via email or SMS text from anywhere.


CAS Dataloggers

About CAS Data Loggers

Computer Aided Solutions, LLC. dba CAS Data Loggers is a distributor of data loggers, paperless recorders and data acquisition equipment. We sell directly to end users and also work through a network of distributors and resellers throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America. We have been in business for over 20 years, and actively involved in selling data loggers and real-time systems since 2001. Our staff has over 100 years of total experience with different types of data acquisition and test and measurement equipment.

We want to help you select the most appropriate product for your application as well as recommend sensor and transducers to go with the data logger. We also provide technical support on all of our products. CAS can also provide value added services including on-site installation, wiring and packaging, engineering and design services and turn-key systems.

CAS Data Loggers

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