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Paragon Robotics signs sales partner agreement with Real Power Solutions, Division of VerdeTecta, to offer wireless logging products and sensors in energy management markets.

Cleveland, OH - July 1, 2014 - Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data acquisition and logging products, announces the addition of Real Power Solutions, Division of VerdeTecta, based in Lexington, KY as a sales partner in the building and energy management market. Real Power Solutions is focused on providing leading edge technology solutions to companies, municipalities and government facilities interested in improving energy efficiency with energy cost savings systems.

Paragon Robotics wireless data logging solutions and software provide unprecedented cost savings in remotely monitoring sensor data in energy efficiency applications. Remote wireless sensors with a broad range of available built-in and external sensor measurement capabilities log temperature, humidity, light, solar, power (current), water/gas flow and occupancy to provide data for energy use improvements. Utilizing Paragon's data recording and logging software, Real Power Solutions can craft a custom solution for a facility to reduce energy use and provide savings. The logging system can be local or cloud based with Paragon's HaloCloud service for remote access to real time and logged sensor data and alarm capabilities.

"Real Power Solutions provides us with a vertically focused sales partner in the emerging energy management market." stated Julian Lamb, Paragon Robotics President. "Their knowledge and expertise in offering companies and governments energy savings solutions is invaluable as their customers look for guidance in reducing energy use throughout their facilities. We are excited that Real Power Solutions chose to integrate our wireless logging products and remote sensors into their efficiency solutions".

Paragon Robotics plans to continue expanding its sales network of qualified and knowledgeable channel partners in the US and Canada to provide their customers the highest level of sales service and support in their markets.

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About Paragon Robotics :

Paragon Robotics data logging systems provide unprecedented cost savings in remotely monitoring sensor data in energy management, building/facilities auditing, environmental testing and a broad range of industrial applications. Systems consist of an Ethernet-attached Gateway communicating with remote wireless sensors with a broad range of available built-in and external sensor measurement capabilities. Configuration, data recording and logging software and integration tools for 3rd party software dashboards and analytics are provided at no additional costs. Paragon's HaloCloud cloud service is available for remote access to real time sensor data and alarm capabilities with notification via email or SMS text from anywhere.



About Real Power Solutions, Division of VerdeTecta Inc.

VerdeTecta will work with you to place our proprietary monitoring system in several locations/or on the main to record and trend your energy needs and trends. After collecting the required data VerdeTecta will submit a proposal with estimated ROI and a complete Scope of Project. VerdeTecta will back this up with our No Risk Guarantee, a written guarantee of ROI that is backed by an insurance policy so your company is in a no risk situation. How can we do this?

VerdeTecta benchmarks your operations so we have a level starting point to work from. It is all in the research. No company can move forward on any project without knowing the starting point; How can any business move forward with upgrades, retrofits or projects in general, if they have no way of seeing and trending the current state of the facility. How can one be certain that the upgrades etc. are performing as advertised? You can't go solely on the Utility Bill. There are so many variables that it is very difficult to track on billing alone:

Our software takes information and much more to process daily, weekly, or monthly, reporting data all displayed on a customer driven dashboard with reports just a click away. Custom searches may be programmed for dozens of variables, including spikes, sags, alarms, frequency variations, etc. along with historical data all cataloged and inventoried in our cloud based platform. Custom dashboards that show live strip charts as well as gauges of the important information is accessible on any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

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