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August 23, 2022

Paragon Robotics and Improv Engineering Fire Room Monitoring - Make fewer maintenance trips, control ambient conditions, and monitor systems remotely with Paragon Robotics devices

Paragon Robotics has teamed up with Improv Engineering to offer an extensive cloud-based service for monitoring riser rooms. Remotely monitor conditions in the rooms for pressure,leaks and temperature with Paragon Robotics N-Series systems and software. Fire riser rooms house sprinkler systems, maintenance parts, and other fire protection equipment, as well as important mechanical parts such as pressure gauges and water input lines. Having a riser room that is monitored and up to code is crucial to good maintenance practices and for ease of access by emergency personnel.

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June 7, 2022

Paragon Robotics commercial storage solutions monitor ambient factors in individual storage units and shared warehouse space to protect valuables, sensitive documents and manage your tenants' sensor data

Paragon Robotics’ N-Series systems and software help commercial and business storage facilities ensure that their customers’ belongings are properly climate-controlled and secure around the clock. N-Series sensors are placed in individual self-storage units and/or shared multi-tenant warehouse space to report back to a central system gateway, which uploads recorded data to Halocloud. With Paragon’s premium cloud service, Halocloud Enterprise, storage business owners can set administrators to view the data from an entire campus, or even multiple locations across the country. Administrators can also set customers/ tenants as end users to access the data for their individual units and view the current and past ambient conditions.

Additionally, Paragon Robotics' solutions offer programmable alarms for when temperatures fall outside of a set range or security is breached, with options for customized SMS and email notification call alerts.

Download our Commercial and business warehouse storage case study for additional information.

May 10, 2022

Paragon Robotics introduces partnership with Department of Energy (DoE) to optimize efficiency and resilience of Cleveland, OH's district energy network

Paragon Robotics has partnered with the Department of Energy (DoE), Cleveland State University (CSU), Cleveland Thermal, and BRITE Energy Innovators to collaborate on a project to optimize the efficiency and resilience of Cleveland's district energy network.

Cleveland Thermal’s centralized district energy system eliminates the need for business owners to install complicated HVAC systems by providing steam and chilled water from a centralized plant. Along with partner companies, Paragon Robotics aims to improve the monitoring and controls system for the district energy plant that will help prevent excess energy waste and lower overall. Resilience improvements will also be installed at select sites in order to demonstrate novel methods of increasing system capabilities.

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April 26, 2022

Paragon Robotics systems monitor and control factors like temperature, humidity, and CO2 to ensure cannabis plants are safe and secure 24/7

Paragon Robotics offers a wide variety of sensors for greenhouse monitoring, such as light, CO2, and soil moisture. Having a controlled environment with growing factors that are constantly supervised can help prevent incidents like product loss or spoilage from poor conditions. Pre-programmed alarms and notifications can be sent immediately to alert you on any device via email or SMS 24/7, no matter where you are.

Visit our Cannabis growers application page or case study for additional information.

April 5, 2022

Paragon Robotics introduces LTE-M cellular communication expansion module compatible with N series devices and systems for remote applications

Paragon Robotics, a leading provider of data logging, monitoring and automation solutions, is excited to announce the addition of LTE-M cellular communication capability to their N series devices and systems. The expansion module model DB60 adds LTE-M cellular communication to any N series devices at remote sites where building networks or cloud/internet access is limited or unavailable. With the DB60 module added to a N series device through one of it's expansion ports, the remote system and sensors are accessible via it's cellular connection through the cloud. In addition to enabling remote sites, LTE-M cellular connectivity is a perfect solution for creating private and secure direct connections to monitoring systems.

A SIM card slot on the DB60 module is compatible with a lengthy list of popular LTE-M cellular carrier service providers. Paragon Robotics offers SIM cards and annual LTE-M data plans for Verizon, ATT, Sprint and T Mobile. Through the DB60 cellular connection and cloud based software, remote sites and our monitoring/ alarming systems are easily accessible from anywhere. Remotes sites are able to send system and sensor alarm notifications via email and/or text based on custom alarm triggers. Paragon Robotics configuration utility software configures and connects the DB60/SIM card through their free HaloCloud service.

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February 22, 2022

Paragon Robotics lands government contract with US Department of Health and Human Services to monitor and safeguard the Strategic National Stockpile’s CHEMPACK program

Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer and provider of next-generation monitoring and control equipment, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Paragon's system will be used to monitor the ambient storage conditions and security of critical medical supplies that are part of the CHEMPACK program within the Strategic National Stockpile. The installed system will oversee factors such as temperature and access security, in order to ensure proper storage of the supplies and avoid any potential spoilage issues or product loss concerns.

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