Paragon Robotics introduces partnership with Department of Energy (DoE) to optimize efficiency and resilience of Cleveland, OH's district energy network.

Twinsburg, OH - May 10, 2022

Paragon Robotics has partnered with the Department of Energy (DoE), Cleveland State University (CSU), Cleveland Thermal, and BRITE Energy Innovators to collaborate on a project to optimize the efficiency and resilience of Cleveland's district energy network.

Cleveland Thermal’s centralized district energy system eliminates the need for business owners to install complicated HVAC systems by providing steam and chilled water from a centralized plant. Along with partner companies, Paragon Robotics aims to improve the monitoring and controls system for the district energy plant that will help prevent excess energy waste and lower overall. Resilience improvements will also be installed at select sites in order to demonstrate novel methods of increasing system capabilities.

The new system will use Paragon’s novel Micro-Auctioning™ technology, an artificial intelligence system that optimizes complex energy distribution systems. Using Micro-Auctioning, systems can run millions of unique situations to determine possible energy outcomes, and use this data to direct energy to the most efficient sources and minimize costs. Micro-Auctioning is present in many of Paragon’s existing projects, and its high-level security has been approved for use in government applications, such as the Department of Defense and the Center for Disease Control.

Powering the Micro-Auctioning™ technology will be Paragon’s own software suite, which has been developed in-house by Paragon engineers for seamless integration with additional products and devices. These programs offer powerful features for data charting and analysis, custom dashboarding, resilience monitoring, and more to help experts ensure the system is at its most efficient. However, the most prominent feature for the district energy project will be the SystemSimulator application.

SystemSimulator is a Paragon Robotics-developed app that allows a user to simulate energy usage and estimate costs of that for a building or buildings, including factors like regional weather, energy tariffs, and solar panel impact. SystemSimulator will be the key to estimating the amount of energy used by Cleveland Thermal customers, in order to ensure that the amount of energy produced is enough to meet city-wide needs, while conserving power for an eco-friendly approach.

The project is currently in its early stages, and will cover 15 miles of pipes throughout downtown Cleveland, including city landmarks like Cleveland City Hall and the Huntington Convention Center. The district energy system, which delivers an estimated 246,600kWh of power to the city every year, is currently being mapped out by Paragon engineers to estimate energy loss and overall efficiency, so they can get to work on creating the optimal system for greener, more efficient power.

Paragon Robotics provides a complete hardware/ software solution with included logging and monitoring application suite and cloud access options. Data logging and analysis software provides measurement dashboards, charting analysis, automated and custom period reports, measurement data and alarm history with custom annotations. For multi-user logins and user auditing, their Enterprise software upgrade provides a complete compliance and reporting solution designed to meet demanding government regulations and industry cGMP quality standards. Paragon Robotics's multi-user software environment with administrative privileges, user auditing features, and custom reporting capabilities includes our data logging and analysis software suite.

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Paragon Robotics is a manufacturer and service provider of world-class data monitoring systems and controls providing logging and automation solutions for industries including energy, health care, and environmental research, and federal government customers like HHS, CDC and ESCTP. Our wireless sensors and controls are used throughout the United States and Canada in a broad range of applications, from energy efficiency to industrial automation. Our systems are 21-CFR certified to meet the strictest auditing requirements, and include our custom software suite provided at no additional costs. Paragon Robotics also offers Enterprise-level software for multiple user environments, and cloud service for remote access to real-time data and alarms with email and text notifications.



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