Paragon Robotics lands government contract with US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to monitor and safeguard the Strategic National Stockpile’s CHEMPACK program.

Twinsburg, OH - February 22, 2022

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SNS CHEMPAK containers onsite

Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer and provider of next-generation monitoring and control equipment, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Paragon's system will be used to monitor the ambient storage conditions and security of critical medical supplies that are part of the CHEMPACK program within the Strategic National Stockpile. The installed system will oversee factors such as temperature and access security, in order to ensure proper storage of the supplies and avoid any potential spoilage issues or product loss concerns. This operation, which spans the entire United States, involves the constant observation of highly sensitive medical supplies in secure locations, a task that requires both elite, reliable monitoring systems and top-tier communication security.

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a program that stores medical supplies such as vaccines, antibiotics, and other necessities that would be required during a national emergency. As part of the SNS CHEMPACK program, approximately 1,400 sites around the country are outfitted with a stockpile of medical countermeasures for use in an emergency.

Paragon is modernizing the CHEMPACK monitoring system with advanced technology to create a solid foundation for the future of the project. Paragon’s scalable approach to monitoring systems offers an advantage for large-scale operations like the SNS CHEMPACK program, whose contents must be monitored with high availability. Paragon is utilizing cellular LTE-M connectivity for almost all the sites, which will replace the need for sites to provide a wired phone land-line for the older modem-based system. Paragon's new system also provides highly improved data accuracy and alarm functionality, while substantially upgrading the cybersecurity of the system to meet current federal requirements.

In addition to top-tier monitoring hardware, Paragon is providing a custom software platform for the management of the CHEMPACK monitoring program. Paragon’s software suite is part of their HaloCloud service, an enterprise-level software package designed to work specifically with Paragon devices. The included software helps streamline quality assurance processes like data organization and auditing, in a secure system that is up the challenge of meeting the needs of US government customers.

Strategic National Stockpile CHEMPAK program

Additionally, Paragon is also providing full support services for installation, maintenance, calibration, and call center monitoring for the entire system. Twelve regional field technicians are backed by an additional support and management staff at Paragon's Cleveland, OH headquarters. This large team of personnel works directly with the SNS CHEMPACK team to help maintain the many aspects of the program.

Customers of all sizes rely on Paragon’s secure technology, from government entities like the Center for Disease Control and HHS, to commercial storage operations and manufacturing companies. The bulletproof cybersecurity technology used in Paragon products is trusted in critical government projects like monitoring the SNS CHEMPACK containers.

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Paragon Robotics is a manufacturer and engineering service provider of world-class data monitoring and control systems providing logging and automation solutions for industries including energy, health care, and environmental research, and federal government customers like HHS, CDC and ESCTP. Our wireless sensors and controls are used throughout the United States and Canada in a broad range of applications, from energy efficiency to industrial automation. Our systems are 21-CFR certified to meet the strictest auditing requirements, and include our custom software suite provided at no additional costs. Paragon Robotics also offers Enterprise-level software for multiple user environments, and cloud service for remote access to real-time data and alarms with email and text notifications.



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