Case Study: Office Building

Paragon Robotics' wireless data logging systems can locally or remotely monitor a wide variety of parameters in a typical office building. Electricity/gas/water usage, comfort, light levels, HVAC equipment performance and balancing, and occupancy are some of the data points which are typically monitored.

Our wireless sensors can be installed in individual office suites to monitor temperature and humidity throughout rooms and duct work in the offices to improve tenant and customer comfort systems and insure peak perfomance of HVAC operation. Duct work temperature sensors and air flowmeters can eliminate inefficiencies such as poor filter performance or balancing problems before they start wasting energy. The following areas can be easily monitored with our wireless logging and monitoring systems:

  • Room/ambient temperature and humidity
  • Duct temperatures w/ thermistor probes
  • Refrigeration temperatures
  • Energy usage
  • Airflow for filter performance
  • Water leak detection
  • Light levels
  • Occupancy

Ease of installation with wireless

Paragon's battery-operated and extended-range wireless sensors can be placed anywhere throughout an office suite. With the low power sensors, there is no need for AC power or any additional wiring. The sensors operate on two standard AAA batteries that will last 5-7 years under normal operation and are easily replaced in the field.

Our system gateway which provide data storage and manage the 900 MHz communication with the sensors are easily automatically configured when attached to your network infrastructure or directly to a PC Laptop. Gateways are available with a wired Ethernet or optional WIFI connection for flexible location installation.

Expand capabilities of existing Bacnet and Modbus building networks by integrating any of Paragon Robotic's wireless sensors with one of our SuperGateways. Paragon's Supergateways are equipped with a full ARM-based Linux platform for powerful scripting capabilities to communicate with BACnet, Modbus or any other custom network-based protocols. Feed Paragon Robotics sensor data directly into BACnet and Modbus software dashboards and network systems. Our Bacnet and Modbus software scripts and translators are included at no charge with the our line of system SuperGateways.

Real-time monitoring on any device

Paragon Robotics SetupDevices and DataRecorder software are included at no charge with our wireless data logging and acquisition systems. Our software provides both local or cloud based access to your system data and sensors on PCs and all mobile devices (tablets, smart phones and laptops). Chart, log and monitor all individual sensor data or perform a quick check of real time sensor measurements with our multiview display.

With HTML5 programming, our software is compatible with all browsers and devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets). Data recording and configuration screens conveniently automatically resize to device display for best viewing results.For a completely local system and setup or if internet access is not available, all of our software is embedded on each system gateway. Simply access the software locally on the connected gateway and run embedded software with all of the online versions features.

HVAC Systems/ Energy Usage

Track all HVAC system performance data and keep your system operating at their peak performance and energy efficiency. Use logged historic data to eliminate inefficiencies such as poor airflow, occupancy, and heating/cooling element issues.

Monitor current (amps) on main and branch circuit lines throughout a facility to evaluate power usage overall or by particular systems and machines. Utilizing our external current clamp sensors (CT40/CT120/CT200) coupled with a SC18 wireless sensor, energy use and efficiency can be logged and monitored over time on any AC power circuit.

Tenant/ Employee Comfort

Maintain a comfortable building and/or working environment across multiple zones or rooms with Paragon Robotics wireless data loggers. Ensure comfort in small and large facilities with our scalable systems and ease of installing additional wireless sensors.

Monitor temperature and humidity settings in lobbies and common use areas to ensure tenant and employee comfort throughout the day and seasonal changes. Historical data trends can be used to adjust air flow from central systems to control environment. Humidity sensors can be used to prevent mold growth and ensure a healthy building environment with alarm capability and notification of extreme conditions.

Lab/ Storage/ Warehouse

Use Paragon Robotics temperature and humidity wireless sensors to maintain the optimal environment for storing dry foods, raw materials and process chemicals. Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a controlled and monitored storage area. Monitor storage areas for packaging, paper and shipping materials to prevent supply loss due to water, temperature or light exposure.

Our in-situ temperature sensors (thermocouples, RTD's or thermistors) and systems are also used in refrigeration applications. Monitor ambient temperature and refrigerator temperature for efficient operation and insure product quality and longevity. Eliminate costly product waste and spoilage with our remote alarm features with email or text notification of refrigerator or cooling system failures.

Remote sensor access and alarm notification with HaloCloud

Remote access to system data, sensor measurements and alarm configurations from anywhere with our cloud service. View real-time and logged sensor data from smartphone and tablets.

Our HaloCloud cloud service also provides individual sensor alarm capabilities and notification to multiple email addresses and/or text messages via SMS for monitoring critical conditions.