2019 News Archive

October 31, 2019

Introducing our N series monitoring and control platform with local display, alarms and expansion module options for a broad range of sensors.

Our monitoring and control product line will be expanding at the of the year with the introduction of our gateways, sensor and control devices, wired dataloggers and intelligent thermostats.

The N series features a high resolution display, local alarms indication, expanded data storage, improved wireless reliability/ range and expansion module options for a broad array of measurements. With our flexible design, devices can be configured for wired or wireless networks. A traditional USB datalogging device with customized sensor configuration is also available.

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September 17, 2019

Smart Building Technology presentation at the Energy Storage Building Efficiency (ESBE) Conference.

The Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (TBEIC) in Warren Ohio will be hosting the ESBE Conference on September 23rd and 24th. ESBE is a technical conference for manufacturers, utilities, investors, entrepreneurs, academia and others from across Ohio, the Midwest, and Appalachia. Meet technology companies developing next generation building platforms for energy efficiency, sensor deployment, battery storage and conductive materials. The show will feature technical speakers and presentations focused on storage and efficiency.

Paragon Robotics President Mr. Julian Lamb will be leading a discussion on Smart Building Technologies and Automation to improve building energy efficiency through cloud based IoT controls, meters and sensors. The session is scheduled for September 24 at 9AM.

For complete show and additional session information, please refer to the 2019 Energy Storage Building Efficiency (ESBE) Conference website .

September 10, 2019

NEW HaloCloud Enterprise management software for multi-user environments.

HaloCloud Enterprise software with increased security and accessibility in multi-user systems with administrative privileges and auditing features.

Customized software dashboards, advanced security, user administration and auditing features with individual logins provides a powerful user interface for our hardware systems. Additional information on Halocloud Enterprise .

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August 16, 2019

Energy Management Systems presentation at the 2019 Energy Exchange Conference

Mr. Julian Lamb, President of Paragon Robotics, will be presenting on advanced Energy Management Systems at the 2019 Energy Exchange Conference on August 20th at 4PM.

Visit with Julian and learn about Paragon Robotics ongoing projects and cost saving results from its energy management system (EMS) demonstration and expansion at Department of Defense installations. The presentation is primarily intended for energy service companies (ESCOs), utilities, and facility managers, and will briefly step through the return on investment (ROI) results and key features of the EMS which were specifically developed for large enterprise-level customers such as the DoD.

For additional show and presentation information, please refer to the 2019 Energy Exchange Conference website .

July 19, 2019

NEW enhanced software features and system configuration/ setup release.

On Sunday evening, July 21st, Paragon Robotics has scheduled a server and system update which will provide enhanced features and improved user software interface for our monitoring systems. All current customer systems will be automatically updated. The changeover will be seamless to existing Halocloud enabled systems.

New software upgrades include overhauled system/ setup configuration interface, improved recording and charting features, optional administration and user group setup, easy to use folders to model building or application structure and improved integration of Paragon Robotics complete software suite of available apps.

Complete list of features and upgrades available at July software release .

June 13, 2019

Paragon Robotics approved as an authorized vendor for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) program to provide energy efficiency and savings management systems.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has approved the use of Paragon Robotics energy efficiency and savings systems as part of their statewide Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) program for multifamily, commercial and industrial customers. Paragon's RTEM systems continuously collect live and historical building performance data through a cloud-based or on-site system. That data can be analyzed to uncover optimization opportunities for the site’s energy usage. Sensors, meters and other equipment, along with data analytics and information services, show how your building or facility is performing at any point.

NYSERDA offers cost-sharing incentives to support RTEM projects for New York State based customers and energy savings opportunities.

For additional information, please contact Paragon Robotics or visit the NYSERDA RTEM program website .

May 2, 2019

Baking oven temperature monitoring system to insure product safety, quality and consistency.

Continuously monitor multiple zones of process oven environment during baking process with an array of in-situ RTD probes and our wireless temperature monitoring and alarm systems.

Download the complete oven monitoring case study at case studies and white papers .

March 21, 2019

Maintain optimum growing conditions and eliminate plant and crop loss in Greenhouses.

Wireless temperature and humidity solutions with battery operated sensors constantly monitoring nurseries for critical conditions and provide immediate notification of heating, cooling or ventilation failures.

Download the complete greenhouse case study at case studies and white papers .

February 19, 2019

Model GW4 system gateway with external antenna.

With an external antenna, our Model GW4 system gateway offers extended range capability and added communication reliability in difficult applications and harsh environments.

January 14, 2019

Air quality research study in university living areas, laboratories and classrooms.

Paragon Robotics Wireless indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system installed for temperature, humidity and CO2 with remote sensors spreadout across multiple buildings, dormitories and classrooms on a large university campus. Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy student living and learning environment is important to public and private universities and colleges.

Download the complete IAQ case study at case studies and white papers .