Weight-based inventory systems
Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) inventory automation, for vendor managed inventory (VMI)
High and low precision options for any industry
Optional per-bin wireless scales for workcells
Tremendous range of software and reporting options
Scale device
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Vendor managed inventory
Weight-based inventory system
Large array of hardware options to meet multiple industry needs, from precision hospital inventory needs to lower cost fastener inventory bins, with scale options starting at $75 per bin .

The platform uses two types of weight-based scale products to measure inventory part weights, including both a "hanging" style as well as a "shelf" style model. The devices calculate the change in inventory for each bin, display the update on the front-mounted LCD interface, and relay the change to a cloud-based server for further processing.

Users access the software through a web-based interface using any available web-enabled device (including mobile). The powerful software suite provides a large array of application modules to provide a full-featured inventory management system capable of meeting the solicitation requirements.
System features
  • "Hanging" style scale models, where the scale is mounted on a hanging bracket attached to a louver panel on a wall or rack
  • "Shelf" style model, where the scale device rests on a shelf with optional shelf liner
  • ItemMaster software for managing all item master information
  • Inventory software is used for all inventory management operations
  • Purchasing module to integrate ordering, invoices, and real-time inventory levels
  • Many other available applications for advanced functionality such as reports, dashboards, building maps, and more
Scale device
Industry-leading hardware usability
Each device has a full graphic LCD display on the front to display current stock level, minimum safety stock policies, product type, or any other user-defined field. A comprehensive interface is built in to each device, allowing a range of operations to be performed directly at the hardware.

Optional wireless capability is available on all scales, allowing for next-generation mobile storage system integration. One mobile cart can seamlessly track real-time inventory levels as it's moved around even large campuses.
Paragon software apps
Perfect for vendor managed inventory (VMI)
Our Enterprise software provides a multi-user environment with administrative privileges and user auditing features to meet individual system users' compliance. Medical and fastener distributors can offer a cost-effective weight-based inventory solution to all of their customers, providing real-time measurement dashboards, data analysis charting, automated and custom period reports, measurement data, and alarm history with custom annotations for regulatory audit requirements.

Our software offers both local and cloud-based remote access, perfect for any type of Vendor-managed Inventory (VMI) for medical, fastener, and industrial distributors.

Chart, log, and monitor all individual sensor data, or perform a quick check of real-time sensor measurements with our multi-view display. Remote access to system data, sensor measurements, and configuration from anywhere with our cloud service.
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24/7 Monitoring
With 24/7 cloud-based monitoring capabilities, system performance and monitoring can be performed by any authorized party. Paragon provides full turnkey service level agreements if needed by customers.
Safe and Secure
Access you system with the peace of mind of the highest level of cloud-based security. Our platform is used extensively with the US Federal government, and meets the stringent requirements of many major agencies. All software is 21-CFR and Section 508 compliant.