Monitor anything, anywhere.
Choose one of the most powerful monitoring & automation platforms available
Massive sensor selection
Multi-user access
Flexible connectivity
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We know temperature
With a comprehensive list of temperature sensors ranging from RTDs to thermocouples and thermistors, we have temperature monitoring solutions for any application, at a price point that matches your needs.
Pharmacy refrigerator
Life sciences
cGMP compliant monitoring and alarms, designed to keep product safe
Walk-in cooler with sensors
Cold storage
High resolution refrigeration monitoring, capable of end-to-end cold chain assurance
Worker looking at warehouse
Temperature, humidity, and other monitoring for any type of logistics management
Collage of sensors
Monitor anything
One of the largest array of sensor and control types available, with over 32 different modules to choose from.

Out-of-the box support for all low-level interfaces like 0-10V, 4-20mA, and Modbus, allowing seamless integration with any third party transducer.
Enterprise access
Powerful multi-user system access
Available HaloCloud Enterprise enables access to unlimited employees & partners, with precision access control and permissions. Secure access options and mobile-friendly software allow collaborative access to all your data, enabling powerful analysis and efficiencies.
Money and clouds
Cost-sensitive building-block architecture
Our flexible platform meets the needs of nearly any application, beating the cost of specialized industry-specific competitors.

Amazing built-in reporting and dashboard options let you streamline operations, automatically generate reports, and outmaneuver your competition.
Robot with alarm clocks
Unparalleled alarm options
From simple text/SMS and email alarms, to complex phone call chains and custom alarming algorithms, literally any alarm methodology is possible.

Integrate with on-site beacons, legacy phone dialers, or existing building monitoring systems with ease.
We've got your industry covered
From medical industries needing 21 CFR Part 11, to military & aerospace needing AS9100-level reporting, our platform meets the regulatory requirements for nearly any industry you can dream of.

We're also constantly working with our partners to keep up to date with new report templates and system documentation to meet anything new that may be thrown at you.
Different industries
Connectivity to meet your needs
You name a communication protocol, we can speak it. From standalone USB loggers, to hybrid LTE-M cellular sites with 900MHz wireless local networking, our flexible platform provides the connectivity options to meet you application.

Select between free Paragon-hosted cloud access, standalone PC access, and even on-premise server options for locked-down access, it's easy to assemble a system to meet your requirements.
Etnernet port
Compatibility with any network setup
USB port
Fast plug-in and download logger options
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900MHz wireless option for wire-free installs
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World-wide cellular connectivity
In proud collaboration with
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