PCB Assembly
Surface Mount Technology (SMT), thru-hole components and mixed boards
Precision PCB assembly systems to meet your requirements

Our manufacturing facility with state of the art SMT and circuit board assembly systems is optimized to meet requirements ranging from small quantity prototypes to low/mid volume production runs with higher volume capabilities to meet your growing needs. Procedures and processes are focused on precision and fast turnaround without impacting ISO quality standards and yield rates.

Our skilled SMT technicians and experienced production staff make Paragon Robotics the right manufacturing partner choice to produce your electronics and exceed quality expectations.

Please contact our manufacturing services group for additional information and quotations on your project at 800.893.9639 .

PCB Assembly Capabilities
  • Specialize in low-mid volume with higher volume capacity to meet growing requirements
  • Flexible ERP and supply chain systems
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT), thru-hole components and mixed boards
  • SMT capabilities: JUKI 2060E Pick and Place
  • Reflow oven : Manncorp CR4000-T
  • ROHS Wave solder machine: Selective Wave EBSO SPA300
  • Rework stations and ROHS Soldering Irons
  • Experienced technicians for hand placement parts and reworks
  • ISO-9001, AS-9100, IPC-A-610 G (Class II/III) and ROHS certified

Juki pick and place machine
Juki components reels