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If you work with PCB manufacturing files, try our free online Gerber viewer . The viewer displays Gerber (RS-274X), Excellon (v1 and v2) and zip archives right in your browser. Our online implementation displays 100% of the Gerber and Excellon specifications, making it the most comprehensive viewer available for free.

  • View Gerber (RS-274X) and Excellon files directly from your HTML5-powered browser.
  • Run the online viewer entirely within your computer with no external server interaction required, which keeps your sensitive files from being sent to a server.
  • Render 100% of the Gerber (RS-274X) and Excellon specifications. We challenge you to find another Gerber viewer that can render this Excellon specification test file correctly.
  • Render layers with transparency, making overlay comparisons easy.
  • Pre-renders all files, providing a snappy viewer interface when panning and zooming.
Multi-layer Gerber file in viewer

Our online Gerber viewer was created to provide everyone an easy and accurate reference viewer for Gerber and Excellon files. If you run across a tricky Gerber or Excellon file that doesn't display correctly in the viewer, let us know.

The core parsing and rendering for this Gerber viewer was inspired from the open source gerbv viewer logic. If you need to refer to the Gerber (RS-274X) spec, the latest version of the Gerber specification can be downloaded from the Ucamco website. The official Excellon format description is available as well (archived from the original on 2007-10-30).

Full transparency viewing

Sample Gerber file viewer

Quickly view multi-layer Gerber layouts online with full transparency. Individual layer colors and opacities can all be modified on-the-fly.

100% Gerber and Excellon support

Excellon test file rendering

Quickly view multi-layer PCBs with full transparency. With full Gerber and Excellon file support, you can easily verify your designs with the online Gerber viewer before manufacturing. Open zip files with both Gerber and drill layers, allowing engineers to easily share multi-layer PCBs right in the viewer.