M48 ;TEST-SPEC-EXAMPLE ;COPIED FROM THE EXCELLON CNC-7 SPEC (CORRECTED ERRORS IN HTML VERSION ON EXCELLON WEBSITE) R,C R,H R,T VER,1 FMAT,2 INCH,LZ BLKD,OFF SBK,OFF SG,OFF TCST,OFF ICI,OFF OSTOP,OFF RSB,ON ATC,ON FSB,ON T1C.0135F080S80B0500H1500 T2C.032F070S70B0700H2000 T3C.043F160S53B1000H3000 T4C.052F132S44B1000H3000 T5C.062F109S36B1000H3000 T6C.070F099S33B1000H3000 T7C.125F040S20B1000Z-.010 T8C.250F020S20B1000Z-.020 % M47,DRILL DEMO G05 M72 G93X0325Y015 T1 M25 X042Y01 R9X0005 Y0105 R9X-0005 M01 R2M02XY001 M01 R2M02X007Y M01 R2M02XY007 M08 G83 X003Y041 X007Y041 G83 X011Y041 X015Y041 T2 X03Y05G85X03Y047 X034Y046G85X031Y046 X03Y042G85X03Y045 X026Y046G85X029Y046 G045X005 X031Y047G85X033Y049 X031Y045G85X033Y043 X029Y045G85X027Y043 X027Y049G85X029Y047 M97,COMPLEX,PART,PROGRAM X0115Y003 M98,DEMONSTRATION,PANEL X06Y012 M97,EXCELLON,AUTOMATION X0115Y052 T3 G82 X005Y033 X012Y036 G82X.1Y.4 X02Y033 ;ERROR ON NEXT LINE...SHOULD BE Y037 TO MATCH ROW SPACING X033Y036 G82X.2Y.5 X04Y033 X054Y038 G82X.1Y.6 X04Y023 X055Y029 G82 X037Y042 X04Y048 P2X007 T4 M25 X01Y018 R8Y-001 R4X001 M01 M02X002Y002M70 M02X043M90M70 M02X002Y-002M80 M02X-002Y038M80M90M70 M02X002Y002M80M90 M02X-047M90 M02X002Y-002M80M70 M02 M08 T5 ;INSERT LOGO PROGRAM HERE ;M99,LOGO ;X015Y014 X015Y021 ;XY007 R2Y-001 R6X001 R5Y-001 R8X001 R2Y001 R6X-001 R8Y001 R6X001 R2Y001 R8X-001 R5Y-001 R5X-001 X027Y021 ;X012Y007 R2X001 R2Y-001 R5X-001 R2X001Y001 T6 X0025Y01 G91 Y001 Y001 Y001 Y001 Y001 X001 X001 X001 X001 X001 Y-001 Y-001 Y-001 Y-001 Y-001 X-001 X-001 X-001 X-001 X-001Y015 G90 R5Y001 R5X001 R5Y-001 R4X-001 X016Y046 R4X.1Y.1 R4X.1Y-.1 R4X-.1Y-.1 R3X-.1Y.1 X03Y046 T8 X005Y041 X009Y046 X013Y041 T7 X009Y046G84X005 XY M30