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Our wireless sensor devices start at $79 MSRP, and include 19 different models. With built in measurement options for temperature, humidity, ambient light, motion, pressure, as well as several devices which accept third-party sensors, our built-in sensor product lineup can offer out-of-the-box measurement for many situations. The SC14 and SC18 models accept external input from compatible third-party sensors, ranging from air pressure, flow, voltage, current, and pulsecount sensors.



Intelligent cloud-based thermostats and multipoint controllers to automate your business, home, warehouse or storage facility. Flexible and powerful design combines our groundbreaking wireless sensor monitoring/ logging capabilities with controls for automation solutions of any sized business or building. The TS1 intelligent thermostat provides wireless control of up to 4 relays, capable of handling basic HVAC control. With full remote control via a PC or mobile device, the TS1 can be programmed for any environment. For multipoint PLC control, The RP1 controller provides 4x 240V relays, 3x flexible inputs (0-10V), and 1x 4-20mA input channel.



One gateway is needed for each wireless network, and serves as a gateway between a PC or LAN and all wireless devices on the network. Gateways also include onboard memory for permanently storing things like logged data from sensors. The GW3 gateway provides additional data storage capacity over the GW2 version, and allows more than 10 devices to connect at once.

External sensors/transducers

External sensors

We carry a large selection of external sensors ranging from power measurements, voltage readings, air quality, various temperature probes, wet and dry flow measurements to moisture sensors. Our most popular external sensors include:

  • Current transformers (CTs)
  • Voltage cables
  • RTD, thermocouple, and thermistor probes
  • Moisture content
  • Temperature and Humidity probes
  • Leak detection
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) probes
  • Gauge pressure sensors
  • Water and gas flowmeters
  • Door position
Demo kits

Evaluation kits

Evaluation kits allow customers to quickly evaluate our wireless data acquisition system. Any sensor or gateway can be selected for the kits, and they all have a 14 day no-questions-asked return policy. Our no risk evaluation program combined with our installation and setup assistance offers our customers an excellent opportunity to try our systems before implementing into a larger installation.

OE2x modules

OEM modules

OE2x modules are immediately available to integrators and third-parties wanting to integrate Halo/S with other hardware. Please refer to the Support tab for whitepapers explaining how to integrate Halo/S into your project.