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Building Automation
Wireless sensors, controls and intelligent thermostats
Cost Effective Wireless Automation Solutions

Expand Paragon Robotics monitoring and logging systems with addition of wireless controls to automate building systems including HVAC, lighting, process and production systems to reduce energy usage costs, improve comfort, air quality and maintain product quality.

Utilize our wireless intelligent thermostats, control relays and occupancy sensors to enable unprecedented energy efficiency and savings for buildings. By incorporating our powerful control architecture and software, our wireless intelligent thermostats, controllers and sensor feedback provide flexible and customized controls for your facilities precise applications.

Our scalable building automation systems provide cost effective solutions for both small, large and/or multi-building facilities.

Wireless Controls and Sensors

Offering a complete line of wireless sensors, relay controls and intelligent thermostats for building automation and monitoring project requirements, our product line includes a wide range of measurements with wireless sensors and relay control mechanisms.

After initial setup and installation, the automation system easily scales with additional sensors and controls as your requirements expand.

Thermostatic Controls and Automation

Our wireless intelligent thermostat with remote sensor includes many commercial features engineered for property owners, office complexes, warehouses and storage facilities.

  • Customized office schedule for optimal HVAC and occupancy comfort during office hours
  • Special thermostat lock mode to lock and/or limit temperature adjustments on site at the thermostat
  • Programmable schedules for shifts, weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Expandable with additional remote sensors to optimize building energy efficiency
  • Double encryption security keeps your data completely private.
  • Remote sensor measurement data logging for history and auditing records
  • Alarm notifications via email and text message of critical conditions
Configure alarm setpoints/ notifications
Free cloud access and IoT Sensors

Our HaloCloud service can be used to have full access to your wireless building automation system and sensors from anywhere in the world. For systems with less then seven (7) wireless Model SC sensors, our cloud service is included free with system purchase. Remotely access sensor data and system configuration from any mobile device or PC with an Internet connection. Our cloud service also enables individual sensor alarm notifications via email and/or text messages.