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Protect your investments in finished products, unfinished materials, process chemicals, build parts and components with Paragon Robotics wireless temperature logging and temperature monitoring systems. Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a controlled and monitored warehouse and storage area.

Storage and Warehouse Areas

Use Paragon Robotics temperature and humidity wireless sensors to maintain the optimal environment for storing finished products, unfinished materials, process chemicals, build parts and components. Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a controlled and monitored storage area.


Use Paragon Robotics wireless occupancy sensors to optimize lighting and HVAC system’s energy management. utomated wireless control systems can be setup to manage energy use only when buildings, warehouses, rooms, working areas are occupied.


Our in-situ temperature sensors (thermocouples, RTDs or thermistors) and systems are used in refrigeration applications. Monitor ambient temperature and refrigerator temperature for efficient operation and insure product quality and longevity. Eliminate costly product waste and spoilage with our remote alarm features with Email or Text notification of refrigerator failure.

Production Floor Efficiency

Control energy costs by monitoring your facilities climate and HVAC system performance to optimize energy use. temperature, humidity, occupancy, AC current and other system parameters with our scaleable wireless sensors and measurment options to insure peak performance in energy management. Paragon's model SC18 wireless external sensor accepts VDC and 4-20mA current signals from existing or new instrumentation. Monitor, chart, log and access your instrumentation remotely from any where and any device. Use our Halocloud service to enable alarm notification on instrumentation by text or email messages.

Prep, Process, and Curing Rooms

Monitor and control a production process room’s environment with our sensors to insure a stable and climate controlled space to produce your sensitive products. Use the Model SC12 Wireless temperature and humidity sensor to monitor ambient conditions throughout a building and rooms.

AC Power Monitoring

Monitor current (Amps) on main and sub power lines throughout a facility to evaluate power usage overall or by particular systems and machines. Utilizing our external current clamp sensors (Model CT Series) coupled with a Model SC18 wireless sensor, energy use and efficiency can be logged and monitored over time on any AC power circuit.

DataRecorder and HaloCloud Software included for sensor logging and real time display

Paragon Robotics SetupDevices and DataRecorder software are included at no charge with our wireless data logging and acquisition systems. Our software provides both local or cloud based access to your system data and sensors on PCs and all mobile devices – tablets, smart phones and laptops. Chart, log and monitor all individual sensor data or perform a quick check of real time sensor measurements with our multiview display. Remote access to system data, sensor measurements and configuration from anywhere with our cloud service. Our HaloCloud cloud service also provides individual sensor alarm capabilities and notification to multiple email addresses and/or text messages via SMS for monitoring critical conditions. Halocloud is included with smaller systems up to seven (7) Model SC wireless sensors.

Building SystemSimulator Software

Use our SystemSimulator software to model any building and analyze the heating and cooling costs for any climate. SystemSimulator can be used to accurately simulate the effects of both building envelope and thermostat control algorithms.