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HaloCloud Service

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HaloCloud is a cloud-based service which allows customers to seamlessly link all Halo/S equipment worldwide into a single network, and controllable through a unified interface. HaloCloud is highly secure service in that it double encrypts all data passing through its servers, allowing all pass-through data to remain completely private. A separate encryption key is shared between the customer and the HaloCloud server to additionally encrypt all information passed over the Internet.

haloCloud system

With HaloCloud Service and Internet access, all system configuration and sensor data can be accessed from any location. Utilize tablet and smartphone apps to check real time sensor readings and chart logged data on mobile devices. HaloCloud also enables individual sensor alarms and notifications via mulitple text and/or email messsages. Instantaneous alarm notifications of system failures and/or critical conditions can help reduce or eliminate costly product loss or system repairs.

Pricing for HaloCloud is based on the number of Halo/S (SC) devices connected. For small 6 device systems, HaloCloud is completely free, allowing customers to evaluate HaloCloud easily for no cost. HaloCloud plans can be purchased through the account manager widget once a customer has registered an account.

# of Halo/S (SC) devicesMonthly fee (billed yearly)
Up to 6Free
up to 20$20 ($240/annually)
Up to 50$50 ($600/annually)
Up to 100$75 ($900/annually)
Up to 500$195 ($2340/annually)
Up to 1000$295 ($3540/annually)