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NEW West Coast US GSA Schedule Sales Partner, PLEMCO Inc.July 28, 2017

Paragon Robotics adds federal GSA schedule sales partner, Pacific Lighting and Energy Management Company, PLEMCO Inc. Located on the US western coast and near Los Angeles, CA., PLEMCO's product listings will allow federal government employees and offices faster access to Paragon Robotics wireless data logger and monitoring systems product line with remote sensors.

Remote Property Management SolutionsJune 22, 2017

Paragon Robotics wireless logging and monitoring systems can locally or remotely access building information such as HVAC systems, air quality, tenant comfort, occupancy, lighting and energy use in retail locations, office suite and apartment rentals, warehouse and storage facilities, museums and hotels. Paragon property management solutions provide energy use control/savings and insure comfortable and safe environments for tenants.

NEW Southwest US Sales Partner AddedMay 3, 2017

Paragon Robotics expands sales channel with new southwest sales partner, AirTelligence Inc., for wireless data logger and monitoring systems product line including remote sensors. AirTelligence, with their corporate offices in Scottsdale, AZ, will provide technical sales assistance and support of Paragon Robotics wireless systems across the southwest United States.

NEW Model GW4 Gateway with external antennaApr 25, 2017

Our Model GW4 system gateway adds an external antenna to expand range and enhance communication reliability in harsh environments. It features 32GB of on-board memory for data storage and it provides connectivity for an unlimited number of sensors and control devices at once.

Wireless HVAC System Efficiency Monitoring ApplicationsMar 22, 2017

Paragon Robotics wireless logging and monitoring systems with remote wireless sensors provide crucial data necessary for bench marking performance of building energy use and management. Our scalable systems are cost effective solutions for monitoring HVAC System Energy Efficiency in both small, large and multiple building facilities.

Wireless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air QualityFeb 15, 2017

Paragon Robotics Model SC75 Wireless CO2 sensor for HVAC and room environment monitoring applications for indoor air quality (IAQ). By placing the battery operated Model SC75 sensors throughout building spaces, ASHRAE IAQ performance can be easily monitored and verified. The SC75 precisely monitors the CO2 concentrations in range of 0 to 5000 ppm (5%).

NEW Wireless Low Range Differential Pressure SensorJanuary 31, 2017

Introducing Paragon Robotics Model SC77 Wireless Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor for critical room environment applications. The SC77 precisely monitors the differential pressure between two rooms or air spaces down to 2.5 Pa (0.1 in H2O). Applications include hospital laboratories, operating, clean and isolation rooms as well as research and storage areas.

Wireless monitoring for cold storage and refrigeration systemsJanuary 9, 2017

Paragon Robotics temperature, humidity and light wireless sensors monitor hospital, pharmacy and storage facilities and their refrigeration/ freezer systems to ensure product quality, consistency and eliminate costly waste due to spoilage. Our systems data logging features provide historical temperature and measurement data to meet product quality and auditing requirements. With our programmable text and email alarm notifications, system users can avoid critical storage conditions and long term cooling system outages.

Defense Innovation Summit and Exposition - Micro-auctioning ControlsDecember 13, 2016

Paragon Robotics was recently invited and attended the 2016 Defense Innovation Summit and Exposition in Austin, TX to discuss our new micro-auctioning controls approach to optimize efficiency and interaction between any system of energy generation, storage and consumption equipment. Paragon Robotics wireless systems and tools allow DoD decision makers to reduce utility costs through direct process, comfort or scheduling changes, as well as plan more efficient future distributed energy projects.

SmartThermostat softwareNovember 17, 2016

SmartThermostat software is a free application that enables owners of our Wireless Intelligent Thermostats to setup, view, and control devices within their home or office. By utilizing a smart, programmable thermostat, energy savings can be realized and user comfort maximized. SmartThermostat features an elegant dashboard interface, remote access from any where with mobile devices - iPhones, Androids, Tablets and laptops, simple setup process, and integration with Paragon Robotics sensor measurements.

NEW Wireless Programmable Thermostat with Remote Sensors Overview.October 28, 2016

Overview of the benefits and features of adding remote sensors to our wireless programmable thermostat systems for residential homes, commercial property owners, office complexes, warehouses and storage facilities. Our wireless thermostat system with remote sensors overviews the addition of wireless sensors to the thermostat network providing a powerful advanced control capability of energy efficiency, lighting, appliances and comfort systems.

Wireless Intelligent Thermostats and Controllers introduced at WEEC 2016 Show.September 19, 2016

At the 2016 WEEC show in Washington DC, we will be introducing our Wireless Intelligent Thermostats and expanded controller product line. Our Model TS1 and TS2 Intelligent Thermostats provide wireless control of relays, capable of completely handling HVAC control. With full remote control and monitoring via any PC or mobile device, our Thermostats offer programmable energy efficiency and schedule settings. In addition to our Intelligent Thermostats,we are expanding our control product line with the release of our multi-point I/O controllers - Model RP1 and RP2. Stop by Paragon Robotics booth #214 on September 21st or 22nd to learn more and enter for the opportunity to win our Intelligent Thermostat and Sensor System drawing.

Paragon Robotics exhibiting at 2016 WEEC Show in Washington DCSeptember 2, 2016

Visit us at Booth #214 on September 21st and 22nd at the 2016 WEEC Show, World Energy Engineering Congress, in the nation's capital, Washington DC. Paragon Robotics will be exhibiting our entire line of wireless data logging and monitoring products. At the WEEC Show, we will be introducing our new Intelligent Thermostats and additional control products. Utilizing wireless temperature sensors, our programmable Thermostats control warehouses, clean rooms, storage areas and even residential homes to desired temperatures in specific areas. Best of all, they offer all of the added features of our wireless monitoring systems - data logging, remote access, expandable monitoring with any of our wireless sensors and additional control capabilities (lighting, fans, systems and appliances).

NEW external sensors and probes for wireless monitoring and logging product lineAugust 12, 2016

Introducing our new expanded line of wireless external sensors and probes compatible with our logging and monitoring system. New wireless sensors include true power measurements, low temperature freezer kits, incubator temperature and humidity probes, carbon dioxide probes, soil moisture content, leak detection and gauge pressure sensors.

Wireless RTD w/Glycol Bottle kit for freezer/refrigeration cold storage applicationsJuly 28, 2016

Introducing the Model RTD-120SS-FRZKIT stainless steel RTD probe with glycol bottle kit for wireless monitoring of temperature in cold storage applications. Protect your vaccines, perishable and temperature sensitive products from spoilage with immediate alarm notifications of cooling system failures by email or text message. Our freezer kit includes a stainless steel RTD probe and glycol bottle with mounting accessories. The glycol kit slows temperature measurement response time to eliminate false alarms when opening/ closing system doors while still protecting your product from cooling system failure.

NEW software store launchedJuly 21, 2016

In preparation for a large expansion of our control products, we are launching our new software store interface. The store replaces the old "Software Manager" widget and changes the look of the "+Widget" launcher popup. The new interface allows browsing our ever-expanding list of software products, purchasing some of the more powerful software packages now available, as well as providing a much more powerful interface which will be utilized more with our upcoming controls products.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring SolutionsJune 6, 2016

Wireless temperature monitoring solutions with alarm notifications for product storage and refrigeration systems with Paragon Robotics wireless data logging systems.

WattNode true power sensors addedMay 2, 2016

We are now pleased to offer the complete line of WattNode true power sensors. WattNode sensor capture both voltage and current readings on AC inputs, and output the true power usage on the pulsecounter terminals. Our Model SC14 wireless pulse counter device can then log and monitor the true power usage.

Tutorial video of DataRecorder softwareMar 15, 2016

A detailed video tutorial of our DataRecorder software's features and capabilities.

DataRecorder allows you to view real time measurements, customize dashboards, calibrate, log, chart and manage all your sensors a single dashboard interface. Our DataRecorder app is mobile optimized and is compatible for use with iPhone and Androids smartphones and tablets. This video is a complete configuration guide for external sensors with the SC18 - current clamps/ power measurement, SC14 - magnetic door switch and flow meter pulse counts, and external temperature probes with the SC31- Thermistors, SC32- Thermocouples, and SC33- RTDs. This video will also step you through setting up individual sensor alarms with text and/or email notifications.

Paragon Robotics YouTube ChannelFeb 19, 2016

We are proud to announce the Paragon Robotics YouTube channel for the latest product and software instructional videos to help get you up and running. Our videos will cover product information, system and software configurations, and market applications. We hope that you find the videos helpful and look forward to releasing additional insights on popular customer system features, functions, and interests.

Big updates to software and firmwareFeb 15, 2016

Our upgraded dataRecorder software is now online, providing a new, more "dashboard" look for users. Not only does it look better, but it also has a ton of new features and capability. Our overall haloView platform and setupDevices have also gotten many upgrades.

In conjunction with the software improvements, we are also now shipping products with our new v2.x firmware. This is a major upgrade to our firmware design, and provides new functionality. Unfortunately, it is only available on new hardware, and it is not possible to upgrade existing v1.x firmware parts to v2.x. Please see the detailed release notes for the full changelog for both software and firmware updates.

Plug load control relays releasedJan 25, 2016

Wireless control relays with A/C current sensor options added to wireless data logging and sensor product line for building automation and local alarm indication. The wireless Model SC111 with current sensor allows relay controlled standard NEMA-3 plugs to be monitored for correct operation, power consumption and other power data. For more information on additonal control relay configurations and options, please visit our Model SC100, SC101 and SC110 pages.

2016 product price list releasedJan 12, 2016

Our 2016 Product Price List is now available for download. The price list includes our recently expanded product offerings with new wireless sensors (CO2, Differential Pressure, Accelerometer and Magnetometer) and additional wireless relay control products with current sensors. All products are available in Q1/2016. Paragon Robotics products are available directly and through a number of sales partners and distributors in the United States and Canada.

NEW wireless differential pressure sensorDec 11, 2015

New Model SC76, Wireless Differential Pressure Sensor, can monitor the pressure difference between two air spaces. The two nipple fittings on the case can be connected to air spaces using included tubing, allowing the sensor to measure pressure between the two sources.

Wireless data logging systemsNov 19, 2015

Wireless Data Logging Systems with complete software suite for real time dashboard display, charting and downloading of sensor measurements.

Wireless data logging applicationsOct 14, 2015

Wireless monitoring solutions for energy efficiency auditing, HVAC system, cold storage/refrigeration and industrial process applications.

Wireless monitoring solutions for manufacturingSep 18, 2015

Paragon Robotics wireless sensors and controls improve facility/ process energy efficiency and maintain controlled storage environments for raw materials and production goods.

MicroDAQ signs distribution agreementJun 10, 2015

Paragon Robotics adds MicroDAQ.com as a stocking distributor for domestic sales of wireless data logging products and remote sensors.

Building performance solutionsMay 26, 2015

Paragon Robotics provides building performance and energy monitoring solutions with simple fast wireless installation and low cost remote sensors.

Paragon Robotics completes headquarters moveMar 20, 2015

Paragon Robotics, a manufacturer of next generation wireless data loggers and remote sensors, announces that the company will move headquarters from their current facility in Euclid, Ohio to another Cuyahoga county location in Bedford Heights

NEW products now shippingFeb 27, 2015

Paragon Robotics announces that their new Super Gateways and three new wireless temperature sensors for thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors are now available and shipping in March. The Super Gateways add a full ARM based Linux platform for powerful scripting capabilities to our standard gateways features. Super Gateways support BACnet, Modbus, or other custom network protocol and integration with 3rd party software dashboards/analytics software. The model GW10 is our lowest cost SuperGateway. For expanded network and infrastructure connectivity options, our model GW11 adds Wifi/802.11 b/g/n connectivity providing wireless installation convenience and system gateway location flexibility.

2015 product price list releasedJan 9, 2015

Our 2015 Product Price List is now available for download. The price list includes our newly expanded product offerings with Super Gateways and additional remote sensors available in Q1/2015. Paragon Robotics products are available directly and through a number of growing sales partners and distributors in the United States and Canada.