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Intelligent Thermostats with Remote Sensors
Powerful. Intelligent. Flexible.
Intelligent Thermostats with Remote Sensors Overview

Our wireless intelligent thermostats work seamlessly with our wireless remote sensors providing additional measurements from temperature and humidity sensors to motion, occupancy and power monitoring sensors. The addition of remote sensors to the thermostat network provides a powerful advanced control capability of energy efficiency, lighting, appliances and comfort systems. Our advanced architecture allows you to use any mobile device or PC to interact with your thermostats remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Our control architecture allows unprecedented flexibility and intelligence, letting you customize your thermostat control for your application with any number of our wireless remote sensors. From simply using an additional temperature sensor to replace your thermostat reading, to implementing advanced control algorithms like using wireless remote temperature sensors in bedrooms to take over control during night hours, our system provides the most powerful and flexible thermostat control experience available.

Intelligent Thermostats with Remote Sensors features:
  • Wireless programmable energy efficiency and schedule settings
  • Expandable with remote sensors for a broad array of measurements
  • Additional wireless controls available for lighting, process and system management
  • Flexible target temperature sensor, multiple room temperature averaging/ blending and humidity compensation calculations
  • Remote control thermostats and remote sensors with Androids, iPhones and Tablets from anywhere
  • Data Logging capability of thermostat and remote sensors measurements
  • SmartThermostat and DataRecorder software included
Expand with available remote sensors

Add extra temperature, humidity, or motion remote sensors to your system for even more powerful control and energy savings. Our entire sensor product line will plug-and-play with any of our default remote control thermostat setups.

In addition to a complete line of wireless temperature sensors, our product line includes a wide range of additional wireless sensors which can expand the wireless temperature monitoring system. The system is also compatible with any external sensors or existing instrumentation with VDC or mA outputs.

Multiple sensor options
Commercial, office and warehouse custom features

Our wireless intelligent thermostat with remote sensor includes many commercial features engineered for property owners, office complexes, warehouses and storage facilities.

  • Customized office schedule for optimal HVAC and occupancy comfort during office hours
  • Special thermostat lock mode to lock and/or limit temperature adjustments on site at the thermostat
  • Programmable schedules for shifts, weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Expandable with additional remote sensors to optimize building energy efficiency
  • Double encryption security keeps your data completely private.
  • Remote sensor measurement data logging for history and auditing records
  • Alarm notifications via email and text message of critical conditions
Wireless access from iPhones, Androids and Tablets

With wireless connectivity to your remote thermostats and optional sensors or external sensors, you have full control from any smartphone and/or mobile device. Our remote control SmartThermostat and DataRecorder software applications will work with:

  • iPhones
  • Android smart-phones
  • Tablets
  • PCs and Laptops
  • Browser based devices with WIFI, Cellular or Ethernet connections to the Internet or local network

Our browser based SmartThermostat and DataRecorder software applications automatically adjust screen size to perfectly fit any type of device and runs on operating system. Use any popular browser - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Simple, straightforward navigation and thermostat programming tools enhance the user interface experience. View measurements from all system remote sensors quickly and even graph logged thermostat and sensor data on any device.

Our intelligent thermostats with remote sensors system is accessible at any time with any device to make schedule changes, improve efficiency settings and view HVAC operating modes. From the touch of your smartphone, remotely adjust heating or cooling comfort settings or fan operation at the office, warehouse, storage facility or home.

Customized controls and SmartThermostat software

Our intelligent thermostats with remote sensors are built on top of our Halo/S platform, meaning you can install any custom control setup you want. We include standard control options for typical home and office setups, utilizing cutting-edge energy savings techniques. Everything from humidity, lighting, power monitoring, water/gas flow meters to motion and occupancy sensors can be used with our wireless intelligent thermostats with remote sensors to insure your building maximizes efficiency and occupancy comfort.

Easy user and dashboard interface

Quickly setup and customize your wireless temperature monitoring system using an intuitive dashboard interface with the SmartThermostat and DataRecorder software widgets.

  • Display "Feels like" temperature with humidity compensation and comfort settings for cooling and heating
  • Indicators for cooling, heating and fan modes
  • Easy to use schedule programming sliders for weekdays and weekends
  • Custom schedule programs and efficiency settings - Office, Vacation, Summer, Winter
  • Updating quick view with date and remote sensor measurements
  • Fast access to DataRecorder dashboard for remote sensor logging and charting
  • Program alarm notifications via email and text message
Create sensor alarms and receive immediate notifications
Set text alerts up on your system for sensor alarms. Available through HaloCloud.
Set emails to be triggered on notification of a sensor alarm condition. Available through HaloCloud.
Browser alerts
Receive alarm alerts locally on your computer right in your browser.
Email, text message, or local alarms

Simple configuration of temperature or any remote sensor alarm set points and conditions with notifications by email and/or text message. Fast programming of multiple alarms and notifications for all individual wireless temperature and system remote sensors. Each individual remote sensor checks for the alarm condition at a programmable check frequency on the hardware. Customize alarm notification messages and store time stamped alarm annotations for auditing and/or reporting requirements.

Free cloud access

Our HaloCloud service can be used to have full access to your wireless temperature monitoring system anywhere in the world. For systems with less then seven (7) wireless Model SC sensors, our cloud service is included free with system purchase. Our unique double encryption security keeps your data completely private.

Configure alarm setpoints/ notifications