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July 2019 Release Notes

The 2019 July release to our product line is now available. The most significant update is the replacement of "SetupDevices" installation software with the new "Settings" system configuration software. All existing systems will automatically be updated to the "Settings" software for future modifications and/or additions of any devices. In addition to the updated base system configuration, an Enterprise software option has been added with increased security, administrative features and user auditing capabilities.

Paragon Robotics support and service staff will be available throughout the week following the July 14th scheduled upgrade of our software and servers for any system and software questions.

Platform updates

  • [ICON] Setupdevices deprecated. Replaced by new [ICON] settings app
  • Redesigned layout with pinned tabs for Support and Settings, profile dropdown for account information, notifications, and cart
  • Redesigned navbars, buttons, tables, and other components to improve usability and enable better mobile experience
  • New login dialog
  • Redesigned cart and checkout process
  • Integrated folders into all applications for logical grouping
  • HaloCloud Enterprise administration integration

Settings (replaces SetupDevices)

  • Replaced claiming process with easier to use Find and Add
  • Folder management section for logical grouping
  • HaloCloud Enterprise administration integration
  • Optional Enterprise software upgrade with advanced security, administrative privileges and auditing features for multi-user systems and environments.


  • Added user guides
  • Updated application docs
  • Improved navigation
  • Better page design with screenshots, in-page linking, icons, buttons, etc to better explain topic
  • Integrated search


  • Redesigned navbar
  • Dropped gateway not connected status bar to better allow on-demand connection state
  • [HaloCloud Enterprise only] - ability to set read only mode that hides ability to do modifications


  • Redesigned sidebar
  • Removed navbar to maximize chart visibility
  • Ability to zoom to specific period

System software updates

  • Settings configration software replaces SetupDevices installation software.
  • User friendly configuration interface with improved automated search process for connected gateways, thermostats, controls and sensors.
  • Customize and organize systems by grouping hardware in folders (building location, process, zones, areas, ect).
  • Improved backend programming for handling and backing up logged data utilizing local storage.
  • Updated DataRecorder and DataAnalyzer software user interfaces.
  • Optional Enterprise software upgrade with advanced security, administrative privileges and auditing features for multi-user systems and environments.

For additional information, help and support documentation for all of the July software updates is available in our system and software support library.

Enterprise Software

  • Increased security and accessibility in multi-user systems with administrative priviledges and functions.
  • Invite additional system users and assign custom individual read/write priviledges to the entire system or specific folder sections.
  • Easy to use administrator dashboard interface for managing system users.
  • Auditing features include user time data/ access and system modifications log.
  • Online access to Parargon support and service staff to remotely assist with system setup or diagnose configuration issues.

Discontinued Hardware Devices

  • Model SC1
  • Model SC72
  • Model SC81
  • Model SC101
  • Model SC111
  • Model GW11
  • Model GW12
  • Model TS1
  • Model TS2
  • Model RP1
  • Model RP2