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Case Studies and White Papers
Energy, Medical, Industrial, and Environmental Applications
Case Studies and White Papers

Paragon Robotics' wireless data loggers and monitoring systems with wireless sensors provide cost-effective solutions for a broad range of energy, environmental, and industrial markets.

Our wireless sensors are used in applications ranging from energy efficiency auditing, HVAC systems monitoring, and life sciences and vaccine storage, to building automation, greenhouse environmental monitoring, and industrial process analytics.

The case studies below are based on our customer installations and project requirements. We work closely with our customers to develop strong, ongoing relationships to meet all of their application needs.


Our custom monitoring and logging solutions with alarm capabilities, including notifications and visual displays, provide 24/7 protection for ambient storage areas and refrigeration systems.

Paragon Robotics' wireless temperature and humidity monitoring solutions provide cost-effective multi-sensor coverage of warehouse facilities to create individual product zones.

Monitor, log and control factors like temperature, humidity, soil moisture and CO2 to ensure plants are safe and secure around the clock.

Make fewer maintenance trips, control ambient conditions, and monitor systems remotely with our complete fire room monitoring and alarm system.

Access sensor data, security, and system performance from remote or unmanned sites such as drilling, pump, utility and storage stations to reduce routine site maintenance trips and receive immediate critical alarm notifications.

Monitor the ambient conditions and security in individual storage units and/or shared commercial and business warehouse space to ensure tenant's materials are secure and stored under proper conditions.

Comfort monitoring systems providing temperature measurement feedback from supply and return lines from building boilers and domestic hot water supply to multiple tenant apartment complexes.

Case study coming soon!

Analyze temperature-sensitive products storage across different temperatures in a specific range of time with Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) calculated insight into the effects of temperature over time.

Case study coming soon!

Solar tracking control and automation systems to optimize and improve efficiency of solar panel farms in capturing available radiant energy by increasing surface area exposure throughout the day.

Case study coming soon!

Keep sensitive materials in laboratories, hospitals, or manufacturing areas from contaminants in a closely monitored clean room to ensure product safety and sanitation.

Continuously monitor multiple zones of process oven environment during the baking process with an array of in situ RTD probes and our wireless temperature monitoring and alarm systems.

Wireless indoor air quality monitoring system installed for temperature, humidity, and CO2 with sensors spread out across multiple buildings, dormitories, and classrooms on a large university campus.

Wireless temperature and humidity solutions with battery operated sensors constantly monitor nurseries for critical conditions and provide immediate notification of heating, cooling, or ventilation failures.

Wireless CO2, particulate, volatile organic compound (VOC), temperature, and humidity monitoring solutions with alarm notifications for potentially unhealthy employee work conditions.

Secure energy-saving costs and analyze data in order to keep your business both ecologically and financially optimized.

Department of Defense and Air Force Research Laboratories project overview demonstrating microgrid technology providing a cost-effective resilience solution to DoD buildings and process loads.

Product storage systems constantly monitor sensor measurements and provide alarm notification options (email, text, visual, and audible) for critical conditions.

Our Micro-Auctioning™ technology and custom-control architecture solutions avoid mission critical process shutdowns during power shortages and outages.

White Papers

Technical presentation providing insight from Paragon Robotics' experiences in obtaining an ATO (Authority to Operate) with our wireless systems at AFB for energy conservation and management and building resilience. For additional information and to discuss future RMF Security Controls and Secure Standardized Container (SSC) architecture approaches with government projects, please feel free to contact us.

White paper demonstrating energy microgrids provide a potential cost-effective solution to building resilience problems and introducing the concept of a "partial-capacity" microgrid that utilizes Micro-auctioning™ control methodology, which mimicks a free market "energy" economy to provide cost savings and building resiliency.

White paper analyzing the installed equipment costs and energy savings for a range of building sizes and different HVAC configurations to establish and demonstrate the necessary return on investment (ROI) to justify efficiency projects using specific building management systems (BMS).