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Data loggers and monitoring systems with remote sensors provide cost effective solutions for a broad range of energy, cold storage, industrial and environmental applications.
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Building Automation
Expand your monitoring and sensor systems with addition of available controls to automate building systems including lighting, HVAC, process and production machines to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage costs.
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Defense Resilience
Our Micro-Auctioning™ platform provides the engine behind the revolutionary efficiency and resilience performance of our systems for customer missions.
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Energy Auditing & Monitoring
Data loggers and monitoring systems with broad range of sensors provide crucial data necessary for benchmarking building performance, energy usage and management.
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Meter Management
From hardware to full meter data management system software systems, our products are used for a wide array of metering applications and programs.
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Monitoring & Logging
Building Automation
Defense Resilence
Energy Auditing & Monitoring
Meter Management


Design and integration solutions for your application requirements. Electrical and network design, installation supervision, management, and support can be provided remotely or on-site.

Customized hardware and software solutions including new sensor products as well as external sensor integration to meet customer's application needs.

From system setup and configuration to customization of our powerful software products, training sessions are available for all our products.

Case Studies & Applications
  • Storage Areas - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Medical & Vaccine Storage Temperature Logging with Real Time Alarms
  • Air Quality monitoring systems with CO2 & Particulate
  • Micro-auctioning Control


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Custom Dashboard Display
  • View of all individual sensor measurements and diagnostics - battery, wireless signal strength, logging and alarm indicators.
  • Customize sensor names and allocate to custom groups for improved filtered display options.
  • Convenient sensor search and arrange function.
  • Full sensor grid or optional quick list view.
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Logging & Monitoring

Setup logging quickly with our batch view programming feature for sensor systems with high measurement channel count. Configure hundreds of sensors for data logging in several minutes.

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Alarms & Notifications
  • Simple configuration of alarm setpoints and conditions with notifications by email and/or text message.
  • Fast programming of multiple alarms and notifications for all individual sensors.
  • Each individual model SC sensor checks for the alarm condition at a programmable check frequency on the hardware.
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Precise calibration

Calibrate sensors to standards with access to sensor algorithms and offsets.

NIST certified temperature sensor calibration available

Simple configuration of external sensors- VDC, mA, thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, current clamps, flowmeters and other device outputs - to scientific units.

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Charting & Exporting
  • Send any logged data over to DataAnalyzer for charting and annotations.
  • Export custom timeframes or entire data to comma or tab delimited files for further analysis in spreadsheets.
  • Backup sensor and system data to files for archives.
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Upgrade to Enterprise Software
  • Increased security and accessibility in multi-user systems with administrative priviledges and functions.
  • Invite additional system users and assign custom individual read/write priviledges to the entire system or specific folder sections.
  • Easy to use administrator dashboard interface for managing system users.
  • Auditing features include user time data/ access and system modifications log.
  • Online access to Parargon support and service staff to assist with system setup or diagnose configuration issues.

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