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Wireless temperature monitoring


In addition to the complete range of current and pulse sensors used for baseline analytics measurements, the product line includes a wide range of other sensors which greatly expand analysis capabilities. Temperature, humidity, occupancy, and many other sensor types can be easily added to a system to improve data detail and scope beyond other analytics sulutions.

  • Integrate with any third party system imaginable

    Simply add a translator device to link your Halo/S network with external BACnet/IP or Modbus/TCP systems. Translators are fully scriptable as well, allowing custom scripts to communicate with absolutely any system imaginable.

  • A dizzying array of sensor types

    In addition to our range of built-in sensors, our external terminal and jack devices support a large array of third-party transducers. Our wireless OE2x modules are also available for OEMs to create their own Halo/S-powered devices.