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Simple, yet powerful

Under the hood, our wireless data acquisition system runs on our revolutionary new platform, Halo/S. Halo/S is a unique peer-to-peer platform, optimized to run on an ultra-low cost microprocessor, which easily allows intelligence to be added to low-level sensors and controls. This creates a decentralized network of smart devices that speak the same language and seamlessly configure themselves. The result is a uniquely flexible platform, which simultaneously reduces system design and setup time by 90%.

Each wireless network is controlled by a single gateway, and allows hundreds of other devices to join. The gateway also allows any browser-enabled device to access and control the entire Halo/S network.

  • Wireless like you've never experienced

    4X the indoor range of competitors, superb noise immunity, and best-in-class security give you the peace of mind to completely move to wireless.

  • The flexibility to do anything

    The underlying Halo/S platform gives every device the power of a full PC, leapfrogging the concept of a "dumb" sensor.

  • Breakthrough cost

    Optimized for ultra-low cost components, Halo/S breaks through the cost floor of competitors while providing far more features.