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Setup and Configure Devices
  • Quickly setup system in the field.
  • Connected gateways and sensors automatically searched and located.
  • Automated step by step claiming and configuration of gateways and sensors.
  • Customize sensor names
  • Configure system security and administration priviledges to manage system operation and modifications.
Runs in Any Modern Browser

Use your favorite browser. Compatiblity with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari amoung others.

Configure and access your system with PCs, laptops or any mobile devices - tablets, iPhones, Android smartphones.

Claim and Connect Devices
  • Automatically searches for connected gateways and sensors
  • Claim sensors individually or use our batch setup feature to quickly claim larger systems.
  • Sensor and systems can be up and acquiring data in minutes.
  • Fast Launch DataRecorder and SmartThermostat to quickly load dashboards and displays.
Manage any system

Works easily with small or huge systems

Control and configure all your hardware in one interface.

With HaloCloud service, you can even merge all your hardware at mulitple locations, including worldwide, into a single access point.

System ConfigurationSetupDevices
Sensors and gateway hardware
Compatible hardware and devices

Our free SetupDevices software steps you through the initial system setup for your Halo/S hardware and software. In addition to system setup such as security and HaloCloud access, all hardware is configured using the software as well. Multiple computers or other browser-based devices can be used to access the same Halo/S network, however each PC/mobile device will need to be set up separately.